Monday, September 19, 2011

Sweet Salvage Harvest Moon Finale

Yes, even the Powder Room of SWEET SALVAGE was off the hook fabulous!!! *Winks... picture me locking myself in there for a moment for a Photo Op!  You know I'll cover every square inch of an Event to bring it to you here in the Land Of Blog my Friends so you can imagine yourselves actually being there & missing nothing!!! LOL*

Well, the SWEET SALVAGE "Harvest Moon" Event is over and I Hope you had a good time joining me there?  I discovered that I could get totally inspired by a Vintage Medical Equipment Theme for Halloween! *Smiles* 

I also discovered even more new Friends from the Land Of Blog who were right alongside me Junquing for delightful Found Treasures at the Event and came up and introduced themselves, including Chickie and her DH of CHICKIE VINTAGE CHIC Blog, what a sweet, lovely young couple they are.  There are so many Kindred Spirits we connect with here in this Land Of Blog Community and to finally meet in person is very Special indeed.

Now, for those of you who couldn't be here in person this Month for the "Harvest Moon" Theme... well, guess what the SWEET SALVAGE Team have for a Theme next Month?? *Lean in closer as I whisper in your ear...*  A FRENCH THEME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *OOO La La... Insert Squeals of Delight!!!*  So for all you fellow Francophiles who adore everything fantastically French... mark your Calendars for October 20-23... you won't want to miss this!!!  And be sure to visit the SWEET SALVAGE Blog for sneak peeks and updates of the upcoming Event...  

Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. Yet again I read your blog and feel totally inspired! Not to mention envious of whoever picks up all those lovely things--the stag head wall sconces are amazing and I love all the chairs and clocks and gauges...and everything else really! :D


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