Saturday, September 17, 2011

More Harvest Moon Fun!

Come along my Friends as we experience more of a "Harvest Moon" Event at SWEET SALVAGE.  It will be Hosted for four fabulous days and so it is entirely too much eye candy to digest in a mere Post... *winks*... and so we'll take a leisurely stroll together through the Shop and let you soak it all in slowly, so you don't miss anything, and so you have time to allow your imagination to run wild.  I know it took me several passes through to take it all in, so many details and objects I missed on the first go-around... winding through the crowds eagerly snapping up their Treasures... one had to be a quick Photographer to capture the images while they were briefly still there in delightful vignettes!!!  And the Shop Gals kept busily foofing and vignette-making so there was always a different perspective and even more to see as things went out and things came in.  

 Halloween and candy just go together and lets face it, eye candy has a lot less calories so I'd rather OD on that! *LOL*  And Halloween has always been one of my fav Holidays to decorate for... there's just something about the ambiance that I enjoy when you can become so imaginative and bizaare... it's interesting and fun.  I was one of those kids fascinated by Oddities and creepy Old Mansions like The Addams Family and The Munsters resided in on TV... I was mezmerized in fact by such scenes as this...

Source: Bing Images

And this... {I even had an amazing Wicker Chair exactly like Morticia's! *Winks*}  As a Youngster I thought Morticia was an incredibly Beautiful, unique and interesting Woman... I didn't find her to be odd as much as I found her to be Free Spirited and comfortable being who she was... and I liked that in a person, even at a tender age...

Source: Bing Images

And who can forget the memorable exterior Artist's rendition of the cool, ooky Addams Mansion!  Yes, I wanted to live in that House... or one day have one similar with my own quirky Collections and Oddities...

Source: Bing Images

And along with the weird and wonderful Oddities that feathered their Nest...

Source: Bing Images

There were also the rich details of real Antiques & Collectibles that didn't escape my young eyes... such as the Persian Rugs, heavy luxurious Drapes, Architectural details and killer Antique furnishings...

And though I loved the exterior of The Munster's cool Old House and freaky Hearse-Rod, I must say that the interior of their creepy Home, though imaginative, never impressed me as much as The Addam's Family Style of decorating... *Winks* 

Source: Bing Images

I suppose it just looked more like a movie prop set to me than the Addams residence, which I could actually imagine real people living in... *LOL* 

Source: Bing Images

Well, real people like ME anyway!!! *Smiles*

Source: Bing Images

And perhaps because of those Childhood imaginings of actually living in a cool Old House decorated with Oddities of every sort, with a Wow factor unlike any other House I'd ever seen, I'm still attracted to the Holiday of Halloween, where I can unleash my own version and Style of offbeat decorating and showcasing odd Collections. 

Source: Bing Images

And so visiting the "Harvest Moon" Event I was able to enter into a Fantasy-Scape of this genre and even bring Home a few of the Treasures I couldn't leave behind... because I'm busily decorating this Ole' House at the Bohemian Valhalla residence in Halloween splendor and a "Day Of The Dead" Theme... {Posts to follow of all that... winks}

What Oddities and Quirky Found Treasures do you enjoy my Friends?  What imaginings and Fantasy-Scapes have you created for your pleasure or for a Holiday Theme you wanted to Live out?
If you haven't acquired every prop and Collectible to make your Holiday and Fantasy decor complete, well, there's still time my Friends... we're not done yet!!! *Smiles*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. So many beautiful treasures!!!

    : )

    I have always wanted a chair like Morticia's, STILL do..!

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Hugs, Jenny

  2. Fun tour Dawn. I love that birdcage! I also loved Morticia as a girl and thought her beautiful, and I absolutely LOVED that house of hers! And still do *winks* Vanna

  3. OMG If you got me in there I would never come out!! What a fantastic shop!!!

    The Addams Family was one of my favorites!!

    Wonderful Post
    Linda :)


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