Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Mad Hatter = Not Just Tea Parties But Great Junquing!

When you're thinking MAD HATTER you're probably thinking delightful & Magical Alice In Wonderland Style Tea Parties... where you can make any Fantasy your Reality with a creative Fantasy Event around Hosting a Tea...

Source: Bing Images
Source: Bing Images
Source: Bing Images

Or how could you hear those words MAD HATTER  and NOT think about the Gorgeous and super talented Mr. Depp... *Winks*  Hey, any excuse to include Photos of our Johnny into a Post I'm going to be all over! *LOL*  He's got it ALL going on! *Swoon*  And like our Found Treasures, and a good Wine, he just keeps getting better and better with age...

But here in Arizona THE MAD HATTER is not just Tea Parties... or the Fabulous Johnny... but also great Junquing in a delightful Antique Mall in Historic Downtown Glendale called A MAD HATTER'S ANTIQUE & COLLECTIBLES!  And if you enjoyed all the Eye Candy of what was shared in the Photos above, then you'll find this to be a great place to go Junquing for your Found Treasures as well my Friends when you're in the Valley.

There's over 20,000 square feet and two floors of fabulousness in a charming Historic Building awaiting you in this Antique Mall with Dealers offering a vast array of Treasures and Styles.  One of my favorite Booths there is named "ELDERBERRY DREAMS" and belongs to Eileen.  I didn't know it when I discovered her gorgeous Booth and photographed her creative vignettes, but she had been a regular visitor to my Blog... talk about divine coincidences!  Several of the Photos above are of Eileen's Booth, her Styling and Palette are my cup of Tea! *Winks*  Okay enough of the cheesy Tea Party references already... *LOL*

You probably also noticed the two Vintage French Shoe Forms that I 'scored' at the Shop and used in the makeover of my Guest Bedroom, they were a guilty indulgence but I hadda have 'em, the Patina and Graphics were incredible and had such a Vintage French Industrial Vibe!  Oh the Stories I'm sure they could tell!   And guess what else I 'scored' this day of Junquing at THE MAD HATTER   my Friends?  See that Romantic Petitpoint 3 piece Vanity Set {Brush & Mirror with the amazing Floral & Scroll Embroidery and Silver Comb} ... yep, it's now MINE... and for a mere $12 for the Set!  Yes, you can get great deals there, its like being in an air conditioned Flea Market... which you certainly appreciate in the heat of the Desert... so next time you're in Town, stop by and score some amazing Found Treasures of your own...

*Note: 'Born To Junk' Pillow can be found at RUST & ROSES*

Because if you're anything like me... you were Born To Junk... and discovering new places to perfect your craft of Junquing for Found Treasures is pure Bliss...

Happy Junquing My Friends... may you Score even more of what your Heart desires or what will Wow us in your Shop, Show or Booth... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I am a born junker too Love so many things you show.Tell me out of curiosity the price of that gorgeous guitar you have flashed at me a few times?
    Cant play but have a few and cant helpbut oggle that one.

  2. Ahhhh! How do I miss all these places!!! I won't be getting there anytime too soon... due to another round of spinal surgery.. then I NEED to get to my place in Florida!!
    Ugh1 But by Christmas...then I am stealing you to take me to all these dreamy MAD places!

  3. Oh my gosh.....those signs.....that lace....all of the lovely white chippiness....AND Johnny??? Totally swooning over here, girl! lol! Oh, and please tell Minnie that I STILL want to purchase one of those darling dress/tunics and that necklace she's wearing in your last post! Did she tell you where she purchased it, Dawn? :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. I have been to the Mad Hatter. I could get lost in there with all the little rooms to wander through. Love that tin ceiling tile.


  5. I just found my way to your blog, and I am really glad I did...SO much beautiful inspiration here!!!

    Hugs, Jenny


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