Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've Become A Pathological Photo Editor & Picture Taker!

Source: Virgin, Saints & Angels Cuff By Gypsy Moon

Source: Virgins, Saints & Angels Cuff By Gypsy Moon

Source: Virgins, Saints & Angels Cuffs By Gypsy Moon

Source: Bing Images

Source: Bing Images

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest



I have become totally enamored with Photo Editing and especially Texturing and adding Vignette Features and Text for a relaxing Evening of Photo Fun!  The "Bleeding Cowboy" Text is my all time Favorite Font now... I had seen it ages ago and forgot to write down the Name of it & then spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to find it again in the abyss of Font choices out there in cyberspace! *Whew*  Lord have Mercy, have you seen the selection of Fonts stretching out into infinity that are available!?  Note to Self: If you discover a new one you Love, for Heaven's Sake write the Name of it down or you may grow old searching for it randomly again! ~ *LOL*

So what Photo Editing Features do you enjoy most my Friends?  What Fonts have you discovered that you've fallen in Love with?  What can't you pass without taking a Photo of now?  I am so thankful that The Land Of Blog awakened in me the Photographer I never developed until now!  It is now one of my most enjoyable past-times, to see my World through a Photographer's Eye & capture what I Love, am Passionate about and appreciate through the eye of my lens.  I was just given a new fancier camera by my Grandson's other Gramma & his Aunt, so I'm currenly learning how to use a better one... more complex, but the end results are SO worth it & I'm experimenting with my new Toy to see how I can improve my Photographs and perspective to share with you here in the Land Of Blog!  

The Photo of my Grand-Daughter was a surprise picture The Man took on the Morning she was going to have her Portraits done at School... Gramma slept in & missed her going off for her School Modeling Session and he didn't want me to miss how Lovely she looked.   The Man did an admirable job of Dolling Princess T up for Picture Day at School, only the charms of a Beloved Grand-Daughter could get an Old Marine Grandpa to gladly learn to do Hair Styling and Wardrobe Styling! *LOL*  Lets just Hope she looked that cleaned up by the time they posed the Kindergarten Crew?! *Winks*  I know when we picked her up the Bow was hanging, hair disheveled, face smudged and new Sundress ripped... 'cause that's how she rolls... hard, rough & ready! *LOL*  Well... if all else fails at least we had the Mornin' Mug Shot from Home to capture how Sweet & innocent she looked as she left the House anyways... *Smiles*

And BTW... yep, The Man and I discovered those fabulous Vespa Style Scooters on one of our out of Town trips and I'm seriously Jonesin' for the one with the Sidecar!  Though the Pink one was sweet too... I could definitely envision myself tooling around Town in either of those! *Swooning* Now... how could I manage to get The Man on Board with a Vision of us owning a Vespa Scooter AND a Vintage Airstream that Yours Truly wants??? *LOL ~ she says as she's deviously plotting a Plan*

Dawn... The Bohemian   


  1. Dear Dawn
    The photos are amazing!!! Love it all so very beautiful and full of your soul. Have a great week


  2. We sure do have the same taste..!

    : )

    Hugs, Jenny


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