Saturday, September 3, 2011

I 'Heart' Salvage Art... And Much Needed Inspiration For A Problem

I 'Heart' Salvage Art... it is so imaginative and there is so much to discover... it is a trip down the rabbit hole of someone's amazing imagination, where they take you along on a Magical Surreal Journey.  I love the Whimsey and that everything and anything goes in this type of Artistic expression... there are no rules, no boundaries, no inhibitions.  I Love that what might be considered Trash or Junk is used in amazing Artistic ways to make it a thing of Beauty... common objects made uncommon by the Artist's Vision and Talents.  The ordinary made extraordinary and eye catching.  And often tiny Found Treasures embedded and awaiting your Discovery. 

I can spend hours beholding such Magic in this Art Form... and today I did in fact.  There is a Liberty Water Treatment Plant near my Gym that could be just ordinary and utilitarian by Nature...

But instead they have Blessed the Community and local Wildlife with a Public Park... a Park filled with reclaimed water cascading down Streams and Waterfalls into Ponds filled with Water Lilies and Cattails... meandering Paths, Picnic areas and an amazing piece of Salvage Art that stretches out and delights the eyes with it's wealth of imaginative objects embedded in cement forms.  When anyone chooses to make something Beautiful I really appreciate it, saturating the World with Beauty is something we all should strive for... and when they choose to share it that magnifies the Joy. So much to take in and see... explore... enjoy... be inspired by... and today I enjoyed such a Community Gift... and was able to spend time preparing to share it with you my Friends... and relax in an outdoor Art Gallery under the Arizona Sunshine... it just doesn't get much better than that!

I Hope you enjoyed coming along on our trip down the rabbit hole of this talented Salvage Artist's imagination?  I know that it has now inspired me to consider creating a similar Style of Salvage Art in our Garden as I do some intensive restoration of our 100 year old Brick, Rock and Adobe Wall that surrounds our acre of property & sadly is beginning to fall apart in places... it is something that has been grieving me because I don't know how to stop the process of aging & decay... so I decided to try to find a way to work with Nature instead of against it to make Benign Neglect of an aging structure at least look Artistically repaired and 'bandaged' with Whimsical Touches... 

Which will lend itself well to the Style the Beloved Wall was already built in, of utilizing reclaimed objects and Artistic expression in it's original creation. But which over the ravages of time and enduring decades of unfortunate vandalism are showing signs of decay.  Alas, it is impossible to find Craftsmen who remember how to build or repair walls like they did a Century ago... cosmetic repairs & sub-contracting attempts to save it have been in vain & very expensive... so Yours Truly will just improvise and do my best to preserve what I can & disguise what I can't with Salvage Artistic expression now... *Winks*  And make a fun and enjoyable Project out of a vexing problem of a decaying structure that I don't want to lose and Love too much to tear down & replace with something modern and less quirky, interesting & unique...
Because you know how much I ADORE the Old, the Quirky, the Interesting, the Artistic & Unique!!! *Winks*  Because that's what I'm all about...

Dawn... The Bohemian     


  1. Dawn, what an a amazing art collection and a beautiful place to view it thanks so much for sharing this as I feel as if I had been there without traveling! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. waoo..a very cool place to visit :)
    I like the detailed photography..thanks for sharing my dear..
    Thanks for admiring & following my blog,i am following you back :)

  3. I love your own special wall...........I hope you can do something like this to restore it and keep it going. I am working on a much smaller mosaic project as we speak. It's going to take me a while. Yours will be of epic proportions when you get going.....but so worth it!


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