Friday, September 2, 2011

Graphics... Patterns... Packaging... Details

I am drawn to certain Graphics, Patterns, Packaging and Details on objects... they are a cornerstone of my Style preferences.

Though I adored the Vintage French Bistro Chair with the amazing Patina that this Sales Tag was on... the Tag itself was so awesome that I would have bought it!  I have such Ephemera scattered throughout my Home and Collections.  The fact that it is transitory written and printed matter not intended to be retained or preserved only adds to the appeal for me... whoever originated it probably never imagined in a million years that it would one day be preserved, Collected and Loved as a Found Treasure. 

I have always been attracted to details that many might not even find worthy of noticing or placing particular value upon.

Some details were obviously labor intensive and perhaps one of a kind and therefore Special by virtue of that hand-made personal Artistic expression that created them...

Some things I'm drawn to & don't even know WHAT they are... such as that intricate piece I thought was an old broken Belt at the SWEET SALVAGE Sale & now I discover, through my knowledgeable Friend Richard's recent Blog Post, at MY OLD HISTORIC HOUSE, was very likely a lovely Antique Bell Pull worthy of scooping up!?  *Le Sigh... well, you live and learn... shouldda gone with my Gut Instinct that it was a True Treasure... even though in my ignorance of what it was I didn't know exactly why!? LOL*  

Others were meant as merely Commercial or Industrial, but I admire that Artistic Details and pleasing Patterns or Design were used, because they didn't have to be.

 Some are graphics signifying particular brands, Logos or products, and yet their appeal to me is no less and my appreciation of them is not diminished one iota. Some evoke Nostalgia or have become Icons recognized by millions.  

 I have been known to purchase some items just because of the visually appealing Packaging, regardless of the contents! *LOL*  Case in point, I purchased several of these lovely promotional designed Evian Bottles one Christmas and I don't even like the taste of this particular Mineral water! Though thankfully some of my Seasonal Guests did and so it didn't go to waste... I just wanted the fab Bottles to use as Simple Bud Vases! *Smiles*

NOTE TO SELF: Wipe greasy G-Kid smudges off Microwave window! *Winks*

And don't even get me started on how many times, to the dismay of the Family, I have saved disposable packaging to use in display because I was infatuated by the Graphics! *LOL*

Lovely Hippie era inspired aluminum Ice Tea container + faux silk Queen Anne's Lace = perfectly Groovy Bohemian Kitchen Window Vignette!!! *Smiles*  Well, I thought so anyway...

Source: Bing Images

And being from Arizona, I might be biased, but me thinks that ARIZONA ICED TEA has some of the best container Graphics 'eva!!!  *Winks* 

Source: Bing Images

Whoever does their Packaging Designs is a creative Genius! And we LOVE their products so its a win-win situation... the Crew & I drinks it... and viola, I have instant cheap Boheme' Bud Vase Displays! *LOL*  I am working on saving an entire set, if I could get the Crew here to quit "accidently" tossing them in the recycling bin... I suspect on purpose 'coz they think I've lost my mind and gone into the realm of Realty Show Hoarding! *Winks*

And of coarse Vintage or Antique Packaging that you just don't see anymore and have that distinctive character and quality of their era are particularly cherished.  From the on trend Fabric ones that are finally being appreciated and sought after...

To the more Quirky or Obsure that perhaps not everyone would clamor after!? *LOL* Well, except ME that is! *Winks*

And those touches that were never meant to be Art & were clearly functional in their era and Purpose... but make a piece OOAK & distinctive because they show a History of the object and it's Travels or glimpses of it's Owner's Lives.

And those Images whose Details bring heavy doses of Nostalgia and Childhood Memories... which ones of those do you seek out my Friends?

And Ornate Details of Architectural Salvage are amongst my most favorite!  I like to imagine the magnificent structures they once graced... knowing that very likely they are all that now remain of something once grandoise and obviously not appreciated enough to have been preserved for future generations to admire and experience.

And lets not forget the Details of Shape & Form... haven't you ever picked up a piece simply because the Shape or Form appealed to you?  I know I have...

And those of us with a Creative bent can create something new out of something old that we liked the Graphics, Patterns, Details or Packaging of...  I thought this Spud Sack covered Mannequin was creative and ADORABLE!  Tacking some Sentimental pictures to it is a nice touch too.

I'm not exactly sure why I'm drawn to such things...

But I do know that I always have been... and likely always will be...

Because I find them to be Beautiful even if nobody else did...

Though I suspect if you've read down this far and enjoyed these images you might be one to be drawn to them also?

Because they delight your eyes and even nourish your Soul in some mysterious way...

And in many ways that makes them Priceless doesn't it?

And worth preserving, Collecting and sharing...

I do Hope you've enjoyed my Shared images today of some of the Graphics, Patterns, Packaging & Details that I have been drawn to and adore?

That have not only delighted my eyes...

But stirred and nourished my Bohemian Soul.

And some like the amazing Graphics on this Antique Steamer Trunk interior lid were my very favorite Found Treasures... not because of the actual Trunk, which was nice, but badly battered and didn't move me nearly as much as the hidden fragile old Bohemian Ephemera Art on the underside of it's lid... *Insert Swoonfest of epic proportions!*

Which had been put there long ago by some Distant Traveling Kindred Spirit that adores the same things I do...

And hid it in such a spot as to preserve it and perhaps Hoped that some day it
would be discovered, uncovered and appreciated once again...
At least that's how I Imagine it to be so...

And part of the Fun is in the Imagining isn't it?

Dawn... The Bohemian

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*Insert inspired Bohemian now eagerly glancing around rooms to use random objects as unconventional Vases! LOL*  Go check out the Inspiration too my Friends!



  1. Ms.B. I just saw that needlepoint beaded bell pull in one of your pictures. It was Divine. Wonder if it is still there and available? They sell for hundreds here. OMG. RC from My Old Historic House.

  2. Hello The B.
    Thank you for visiting me,so far. It's a pleasure to meet you and see the beautiful things that you share.

    Hugs from Spain


  3. Love all the fabulous pics. I, too, am inspired by wonderful, old things with a soul.


  4. Oh my! I just saw some pictures of my booth in this post! Thank you so much for visiting my space at A Mad Hatter's Antiques in Glendale, AZ. I hope I can meet you next time!!

  5. I too love the old tag ....I can't quit explain why.... I love the look and feel of tags.


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