Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Dual Junquing Score At Rust & Roses

As you continue to join Tina, Anita and I on our Junquing Adventure we'll head to my Friend Shelly's Shop RUST & ROSES for the next two Posts.  Tina was seeking some killer Architectural Salvage pieces and this was the place to find them... and she did.  I cannot divulge her Found Treasures since they will be surprise gifts for someone Special so it's all under wraps.

This was Anita's first visit to the Shop and she was suitably impressed and had a great time digging through the Treasures with us to discover those pieces we didn't think we could live without. *Smiles* 

 Now in previous Posts I have confessed my Love Affair and obsession with Pillows and how often I have had to use restraint NOT to procure even more.  Sometimes I succeed & other times I totally cave.  And I must say that Shelly & Minnie have contributed to my delinquency more than once in Creating custom Pillows that I simply cannot resist! *Winks* Well, this day I totally caved and came Home with a dual Junquing Score of two amazing Vintage Tapestry Bolster Pillows that Minnie had just Created!  A bold, vividly colored one of The Last Supper and another in a gorgeous muted Natural hue of colors of a Lion Family.  I couldn't resist this Beautiful duo or the great price... and Minnie gave me a peek at yet another she was creating in similar muted Natural hues of a Stag & Deer scene, which she is making for herself.  I adore Vintage Tapestries and custom Pillows... so when put together, well, it's Bohemian Valhalla for me!!!

Be sure to come back tomorrow as we take you around the Shop with us to showcase even more Eye Candy to delight the eyes and crumble any restraint you might have in you. *Winks*

And be sure to join us over at Honey's Blog Party at 2805 for POTPOURRI FRIDAY

It's not only a Party but there's also an AMAZING Giveaway of a fabulous Pillow Creation by my Talented Blog Friend DAPHNE NICOLEAnd with my Pillow Obsession you KNOW I'm all over that! *Winks*

And yet another Blog Party over at LAURIE ANNA'S VINTAGE HOME for FARMHOUSE FRIDAY!  And I gotta tell ya... when I beheld her Romantic Gypsy Style Mini Manse Caravan... well, I could help but be INSPIRED and blown away!!! WOW!!!  Check out the Blog to see it being Created from the ground up... and believe it or not, this was a Craig's List find!!!

And since Fridays are all about the Blog Parties... come on over to MY ROMANTIC HOME for the SHOW & TELL FRIDAY Blog Party... I'm showing off my Tapestry Bolsters!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hey there gorgeous Dawn! Wow, your pillows were a find indeed - I'm not suprised you couldn't resist! You have some incredible places to shop over there...lucky I don't live closer, lol...thanks for the links, I'm dying to go check out the caravan you speak of. Hope you have an amazing weekend...I need to check out some of your other posts - I have been a little bit quiet in blogland lately - need to find me my muse again!

  2. Wow eyecandy is right. This is a packed post of so many wonderful pieces. Thanks for sharing.


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