Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Day At Rust And Roses... The Reveal

As promised I'm taking you back with me for a 'lil more R&R to escape the fierce Arizona Heat at RUST & ROSES and behold more Eye Candy and Inspiration.  Oh, yeah... and to Reveal my 'Score' which I kept as a Teaser in my earlier Post *LOL*...
No... it wasn't the adorable Boudoir Dolls Shelly had on display...

Though I'm fairly certain if my Friend Vanna had been with me she would have been negotiating on 'Adoption' of the Gals... *Winks*

Can you believe they've been hiding away in Storage for YEARS waiting on their big debut at the Shop!?!  A little rough, but I think the dings & wear of years of Life imparts Character and makes us all a lot more interesting, lovable & unique, don't you?  Anything showing such signs almost always signifies an interesting back end Story... 

And there were plenty of new charming pieces that I'm almost certain have an interesting History and Story...  Loving the sweet Seafoam Green Vintage Shabby Chest of Drawers... Painted pieces, especially of certain fav hues & eras, always attract me like a Moth to a Flame... I "Heart" 1920-1930's Era Seafoam Green pieces... one of my alltime fav Colors!  But no... it wasn't that piece either...

Or the eye-catching Salmon Pink Victorian Ceiling Tin piece of Architectural Salvage... or is it Peach?  Well, lets just say Peachy Pink shall we? *Winks*

And no, not even the amazing Bohemian Standing Floor Lamp with Victorian Style Shade... I resisted that one too... wasn't easy... because it is my Style... *LOL*

Nope... not even all the great Vintage Silver abounding around the Shop...

Or the Rusty... the Crusty... the Spiritual Treasures... all of which I "Heart"...

No, today I didn't drag Home another Steamer Trunk...

Or Vintage Suitcase...

And even though I was having a Swoonfest in this particular Room of the Shop... I didn't 'score' it there either...

Was it something here you might be wondering?

Or here... I did mention scooping it out of a Treasure laden Wicker Basket...

Was it another Lovely Altered Art Bottle???

Was it perhaps another Chandie... dare she drag another one Home to The Man you might be thinking? *LOL*
Or a Vintage Birdcage to set ablaze with more candles nestled inside at the Ole' Homestead?

Did she come away with a Lovely Top Hat to wear at one of the Mad Hatter Tea Parties being Hosted daily with the G-Kids you might wonder?  It is a great Hat... hard to resist a great Hat! *Winks* Or another Vintage Dress Form to join the Mannequin Twins?

Was it in this Basket???  Or was it the perfect little White Shabby Wood & Victorian Tin Cabinet with Vintage Glass Knobs?

Where... and WHAT is to be Revealed???

Did I escape the elusive Attack Kitten whose Mug Shot heeded fair Warning of?

There he is... laying in wait... thinking he's undetected by Scavenging Junquers eyes darting about the Shop...

What!?!  You spied me?!?  Darn... Attack thwarted... *Winks*  Yes, I have eyes like a Rat... nothing escapes my scrutiny as I'm Junquing for Found Treasures... NOTHING I tell  you...

And this is why I didn't miss THIS!!!!!!!! *Ta-Da... Insert Big Reveal Music blaring loudly & the Heavens parting & Angels Singing!* 

Well, HOW could you possibly miss something as bold & Boheme' as THIS you might be wondering out loud?!  *Smiles*  It is a virtual Bohemian Beacon!!!  

Well, it was hidden you see... but even though only a couple of inches of it were peeking out beneath a behemouth amount of sumptuous Fabrics and Found Treasures in an enormous wicker basket hidden in an obscure corner of the Shop... awaiting their foofing into another fabulous vignette that was in the works...

This Bohemian Vintage Beauty never made it into said vignette...

Oh no, the allure of fabulous Exotic rich, bold Lebanese Vintage Velvet from Beirut set all my Bohemian Treasure Seeking Radar off like sirens, buzzers and bells clanging loudly in my head... and what a Rush that is!!! *Winks*

I was diving headlong into said huge basket to get down to this amazing piece, rescue it and make it MINE... ALL MINE... pulling & tugging & moving mounds of Treasures to get to the Motherload Piece!!! *Squeals of Delight echoing throughout the Shop!* 

 And unfolded this Lovely Tapestry Bedspread was absolutely breath-taking and the perfect 'score' for Yours Truly!!!  NOTHING feels as luxurious as Vintage Velvet against the skin... well, that and loads of Down filled squishy Vintage Pillows & firm Horsehair filled Antique Pillows made of similar sumptuous Old Fabrics!  

Source: Wikipedia

To make you feel like 1,001 Arabian Nights Queen Scheherazade... laying across it all in Boheme' splendor.

 Ah, yes, it was a very good day at RUST & ROSES indeed!!!

And you'll find me now languishing amid sumptuous Vintage Lebanese Velvet & mounds of Antique Pillows nestled & snuggling beside snoozing Princess T... who beat me to it & looks like an Exotic version of Sleeping Beauty & probably has Visions of Sugarplums & Mad Tea Parties dancing in her head?!!! *Smiles*... Ah, yes, nothing quite beats having a restful luxurious Siesta in the Desert's heat of the day... *Insert contented sigh*

I'm linking up with VERY MERRY VINTAGE STYLE for "Share The Love Wednesday" Blog Party... come join us and share the Love...

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Another fun and wonderful, picture full of excitement Post. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. I never saw it coming - but now that I SEE it, I am totally unsurprised it went home with you!

  3. Hi Dawn, this is such a beautiful spread. I have one that looks like that.... I bought it to use for purses and different things, but it's in such good shape I haven't been able to cut it! I really should cut it and actually use it! Will see!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  4. This is an amazing find! So gorgeous!

    I hope you will bring one of your projects or posts to my Potpourri Friday Party this week. Link-up starts on Thursday afternoon. Without a doubt, your participation will help make the party better!

  5. Haidiehai,

    it's really an inspirational valhalla!

    Have a very nice day,

  6. Wow..another phenomenal post of gorgeous treasures! as always..thankyou for your beautiful sharings...they delight the soul! Shine on friend!

    And many thanks for your visits..yes we both have similar problems with leaving comments ha ha...we will just have to send them in spirit!Know that i love every post you create and it is always a wonderful adventure visiting your realm!
    Happy end of summer friend!

  7. We are indeed soul sisters as I too Love velvet I have a spread too mine has cherubs on it but I Id prefer yours more.I bet your still smiling.You can see mine here I know you will love it.its down the bottom of post so keep scrolling
    PS I am bringing up grandkids too.We must chat about that together sometime.

  8. What an overwhelming bohemian brocante! And yes the latest one is very beautiful!!

    Regards Janny

  9. So delighted you will be joining us at Potpourri Friday! Thanks for following. I've been happily following you for quite a while.

  10. Dawn you're so right! I'd pick those poor shabby babies up in a heartbeat! "Home for downtrodden toys" That's me!*winks*
    And I must say girlfriend if ever a spread/tablecloth was meant to be yours, it's THAT ONE!! I think you must've heard the tiny scream of "Dawn take me home" coming from that wicker basket! Lol! Perfectly perfectly YOU! Vanna

  11. Wow a post full of eye candy.....and I enjoyed each one. The dolls are keepers for sure, I could see them added to my guest room.

  12. Wow... looks like an amazing shop--lots of things I would love to bring home there. Sweet pics of sleeping beauty! Thanks so much for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!


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