Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Black & White Halloween Post... Well, Almost...

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Normally I live my Life Colorfully, saturated in fact with the hues of the Rainbow... but right now Black & White fits my mood, I'm feeling rather Goth... rather emotionally drained, depressed, vulnerable & raw... and in a rather dark place due to personal reasons. Several Family Crisis hitting all at once and prolonged pressures.  So I'm feeling tired, worn out and powerless to fix any of it... or offer sufficient comfort, words or Healing to those I Love who are suffering as they go through the Valley that Life sometimes has us go through.  I know that I am Blessed and that I have cast my cares on the Lord to handle, Trusting Him... I've done what I can, He'll do what I can't.  But that does not make the emotional pain and concerns miraculously disappear & so I feel my feelings... and that can be hard and something you want to instinctively avoid... I have to work on that part of it... just FEELING the negative feelings... while standing in Faith and mustering sufficient endurance until I do have that Peace that passes all understanding and the strength to move forward & regain precious Joy.  As a positive person & incurable Optimist it can be difficult for me to deal with negativity, its just so toxic, unpleasant & unlovely isn't it? So I refuse to stay stuck... or wallow too long... I am Hopeful and I do Believe that everything will be okay in the end... and that if it's not okay, then it's not the end.   And right now everything is not okay and that sucks... not knowing how long it won't be okay sucks even more.  But in the meantime I must not turn to things to attempt to feel better... everyone turns to something and for me it would be Retail Therapy *Winks*... and as a responsible person I don't want to be wheels off... Free Spirited under control is okay, reckless or irresponsible is not.  When you make a lot of Sacrifices it can be tempting to want to justify 'rewarding' yourself for all those times you put everything and everyone else first and yourself dead last... that can be dangerous ground and when I'm vulnerable, I'm thankful for my Camera & Batteries from the Dollar Store so that I can share images & not break the budget.  Well, okay, I confess... this month I went over budget and that sucks too... *Insert A Huge Sigh*... the guilt, the shame, the anger at self... the knowing that the consequence means sucking it up during October... one of my favorite Months that has a lot I usually look forward to doing & perhaps won't be doing now... unless I Create more... and lets face it, Creativity is not sparked when I'm in a funk & stalled.  So... until the Cloud lifts I thought I'd just create something Dark and perhaps Darkly Fun in the Land Of Blog... because this is Free and I can do whatever I want here in my little Slice of BlogHeaven... and that's the right price & place right now! *LOL*

So... I was inspired to do a Black & White Halloween Post, there's just something very Vintage about Black & White or Sepia Photos that appeals to me.  And for some reason, when the content of the images is Quirky, Macabre or in the Halloween Spirit, well, it just looks Spookier and more appropriate don't you think?  Imagine if you will some of the Classic Halloween or Spooky/Quirky Shows or Movies that were in Black & White... The Addams Family... The Haunting Of Hill House... the Original Frankenstein or Dracula Movies... even the older Munsters Shows before they went to Color.  Now... if any of those were to be remade in Color I feel that a lot of the appeal might be lost... it certainly was for The Munsters in my opinion... their House just looked creepier and more authentic in Black & White and more like a Prop or Set when it went to Color.  So... it bouyed me to realize some things are better DARK and devoid of Color.

I was curious to envision my House and some of the Shop Vignettes decorated for the Season in a Classic Black & White Imagery... how different, how much creepier, ookier, spookier & Halloweeny would it look I wondered? {I just made that Word up ~ Winks}  Since I'm in the rare Dark Mood how would I embrace the Darkness? *Smiles*  Now, don't get me wrong, my World is absolutely saturated with Color so there are very few things I can totally do in a Colorless format... apparently this Post included *Winks*... because though my intention was to do this as the total Black & White Halloween Post... well... I ALMOST managed it! *LOL*  But those trademark pops of Color kept creeping in... at first to the framing of the B&W images, which did turn out just as I'd envisioned them and I was very pleased... but then, there are just SOME images that I wouldn't do Justice to without their amazing Color, like the huge pile of Ornamental Pumpkins & Gourds... it just didn't seem right to mess with what Nature had made into an absolute perfect Masterpiece of vivid Autumn Colors!   And before I knew it... the Dark Post had actually begun to lift me out of the Darkness and back into the Light... where I belong... because I know that on the inside is exuberance and Creativity waiting to break Free again!  

Hopelessly Colorfully Yours... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. OMG.....the Haunting of Hill House .....one of the scariest ever in my opinion!!! And you are right, when they did the remake, it wasn't quite as good. If I lived near you I would invite you to come over, make popcorn balls with candycorn and we would settle in and watch Hill House!!! Hoping things take a turn for the better.

  2. Dawn, I am sorry you are in a dark place at the moment, but you are right, you need to just sit with your emotions...they too shall pass. So many people try to stuff down the bad stuff, and it has nowhere to go (except to sneak out whenever it can, usually in dreams and manifesting as illness)...your black and white Halloween post is truly beautiful (just like you), and it has indeed worked it's magic on you, making you feel lighter after creating. That is how it is for me too - sometimes we forget what it takes to heal ourselves. I am sending you light and love and know that I am thinking of you through these difficult times xxx (ooh, and don't forget to nurture yourself - do the things that make your heart sing, and no, they don't need to cost a cent!)

  3. I'm sorry it's not a good time for you -- I think the black and white pictures are wonderful -- the first pumpkin one is my favorite.

    I'm also writing to let you know I'm passing on the "Versatile Blogger" award to you on my latest post -- if you don't do awards, at least know I'm honoring you and have linked to you on my blog :)

  4. My dear Dawn,

    It makes me sad knowing how you're feeling right now. I too, just came off of a bumpy patch and know what it feels like...it sucks. But trust me, there is light at the end of the tunnel and things will pass and get better.

    Love your black & white. Photography is good medicine for the soul and healing. Overdose yourself in it because when you're behind the lens, nothing else matters except what the lens is focused on...usually eye candy (wink!).

    Wished you were here so you could come play for the day with Vanna (Delusions of Granduer)and I. We're meeting for the first time at one of our favorite antique venues on Wednesday! I have you to thank for that because I found her through your blog. We'll be thinking of you!

    Hugs, Joyce aka calamityjaneslifestyle.blogspot.com

  5. Dawn I hope that bleak funk has let go of you. They happen ....and yeah they suck! And I do think that focusing on something that keeps you busy can really help...So snap those shots my friend! We all enjoy the result.

    Joyce and I met up today and were talking about how much fun it would be if we all could get together. We had a blast shopping! And we toasted you for being the catalyst in getting us together. And I hope you'll be able to join us one of these days soon...Or better yet..We'd love to join you in Az. *winks* Vanna


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