Friday, August 12, 2011

Unexpected Finds...

Don't you just Love it when you have Unexpected Finds?!  The Thrill Of The Hunt holds a special allure for me, but its even better when you're not even Hunting & a Found Treasure finds YOU!

This never before seen Portrait of my Mom as a Pre-School aged Girl was one such Treasure!  There's some paper stuck to the glass that I'll have to remove, but other than that its none the worse for it's age and I just LOVE it!!!  It holds a special meaning since there are precious few Photos of my Mom prior to her horrific accident at age 5. When she was run over by a new fangled invention called a Car and dragged for several miles... forever altering her facial features!!!  But with the remarkable skill of a simple Country Doctor doing reconstructive surgery on my Nanna's Kitchen Table under the illumination of nothing more than a Lantern, she was miraculously spared permanent disfigurement... her Miracle Story always inspired me... but I couldn't help but wonder what she would have & should have looked like had it not been for this terrible accident that forever changed the appearance of her Beautiful face?  

But then I think... she wouldn't have looked like the Mom I've always known, she's simply Beautiful just as she Healed... but I do enjoy seeing how she appeared before that fateful day... and I know why she never showed or displayed Photos from "then"... too painful a reminder for her I suppose... But I am ever so thankful I discovered this hidden Treasure in a box of discards from her move & rescued it... I adore the Rag Roses in her hair...

Source: Bing Images

She had a very Frida Kahlo flair to her Style, even as a Child... and I've always adored Frida Kahlo's flair and Style...

And these Lovelies are other Unexpected Finds...
A duo of Vintage Belgian Velvet Doilies for a mere $7 for the pair!

A Fabric Sewing Travel Wrap made of a delightful Vintage material with a Green Satin Tie.. with interior pockets for all your Sewing needs and unfolds to about three feet in length... only $3...

A lovely gilded Old French Book for $2.99...

And that's not all my Friends... this week I was a virtual Magnet for Unexpected Finds!!!

An ornate Vintage Silver Compact for only $6...

A Beautiful Vintage French Wooden Rosary for only 99 cents!!!

And the discovery in my Freezer that I had forgotten about... several Pints of Blueberries that I had frozen after I'd picked up a bounty of them on Sale during the height of Blueberry Season!!! Bon Appetit!!!

Yes, I LOVE Unexpected Finds when you aren't even looking for anything Special... don't you?

I'm joining Doni over at FAITH, GRACE & CRAFTS for PEARLS & LACE THURSDAY  to show off some Bohemian Blues... won't you join us & sing the praises of your Blues???

And don't forget the Blog Party over at MY ROMANTIC HOME for SHOW & TELL FRIDAY...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh this never happens to me....treasures who find ME....;0)
    Why oh why I always have to look myself?
    Can I borrow your magnet...maybe this helps.
    Fine treasures again.
    Fine weekend

  2. this post is touching...such treasures are something gr8 in our life...

  3. Yes! I do (♥ unexpected finds....). I can understand how much you treasure the picture of your mother. It is doubly precious 'cause of the story of her accident.

    Have you read Barbara Kingsolver's "The Lacuna"? If you like Frida Kahlo, I believe it is a MUST-READ for you!

  4. Dawn, YOUR photos show such history and love....items that are precious to YOU! But oh yeah, that PINTEREST IS ADDICTING!!!!!!! You can find some fun things there!

    Thank you for coming to visit me last night. Make YOUR dreams come true dear one!


  5. To find unexpected things is the best, I also love it. Once I was going to donate an old purse but decided to check the inside first and I found $50. inside, wow! nice surprise. I bet your mother is beautiful inside and out, how wonderful that you found that picture of her as a child. Yes, you had many good finds this week. Thank you for visiting my blog and for comment.

  6. Dawn I love all your finds (as always!) But what a BEAUTIFUL little girl your mother was! I would've loved to have her picture too...and I don't even know her and I wouldn't care! I'd display it proudly anyway! Another mysterious faux relative to enjoy *winks* I would never have thought she'd been in an accident? It sure doesn't show now. That doc all those many years ago was darn good. Vanna

    P.S. I ran across a bunch of those belgian doilies at a sale for $3 ea. Is that a good price? I coulde've picked up a bunch for ya.

  7. Dearest Dawn! I see you visited my team blog NOWHERE, where Penny showcased her darling artwork and painting! AND YOU ARE LOVING PINTEREST, HUH????? I know, it is addicting! HAVE FUN! Anita

  8. Dear Dawn. This is a great post. I love all your finds. The picture of your mother is touching. I think old photographs like that are always so powerful because you see the people whom you love so dearly in a way that you've never seen them before. its so surreal.

    I also love Frida Kahlo. I've always thought she had the mos interesting style, not to mention that she was extremely eccentric. She was very ahead of her time.

    I was browsing the internet this morning and I found an article that lead me to this site.... I wanted to share it with you.

    If you go to the top it says "Accommodations" click each one and look at the beautiful vardos. You will be in love :)

    Always.... Shaheen


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