Friday, August 19, 2011

Sweet Salvage Grand Opening

August 18th was the long awaited Grand Opening of SWEET SALVAGE ON 7TH ... they will open the 3rd Thursday of every Month for four exciting days of Shopping and each Month will be a new Theme... this was the "Midsummer Night's Dream Event" and what a Dream come true it was my Friends and an amazing success!!!  *Insert Standing Ovation!* 

I had intended to get there early and had attempted in vain to keep my Calendar cleared of appointments for this day... but the Grandson required an Emergency Medical Appointment that very Morning wouldn't you know... all went well... but it made me late and so I couldn't do my usual mad Photo Ops before the mobs descended upon the scene.  So it was a particular challenge to wind through eager Shoppers and get clear shots before everything was Sold and un-foofed. *Winks*
Kim, Katie and the Shop Gals had done an outstanding job of making this the most Magical Shopping experience possible, their Styling as always is impeccable and the vignettes were amazing and so very creative.  Katie had done up a Bohemian Gypsy Theme Vignette that she just knew I'd be in rapture over... and I was!!! *Major Swoon*  Persian Rugs on the wall, Vintage Velvet and Exotic influences galore... I managed to procure a few precious pieces to take back to my own Bohemian Lair... but alas, what I was really coveting had to remain behind! *Sob*  But I'm Hopeful that by the end of the Sale it might remain and I can work something out... that's me, always Hopeful & putting my Mojo on it! *LOL*  My Friend Pauline was teasing me as I kept going back and by and stroking and lusting after said pieces like a Lovesick Schoolgirl... yes, I was having a FULL BLOWN Love Affair with it! *Winks*  And since I was in Love it was hard to leave it behind... fearing some other lucky Soul would scoop up my Love before me, never to be seen and fondled again... well, except in images!?! *Insert knashing of teeth, wringing of hands*  I just Hate when that happens, don't you?

My Friend Tricia Samsal was also there with the VINTAGE BLISS Mobile Lounge and some of her fab creations... of which I scored a lovely piece.  I'm still trying to slim down to fit into some of her lovely Prairie Slip Creations... I was in Love with that Aqua and Tan number, but the girls are too bodacious right now and it would have been torture to buy it and not be able to wear it for Months! *Le Sigh*  Though it wouldda be an awesome "Motivational" piece for those daily visits to the Gym. My Personal Trainer Story will be coming up in a future Post... the one where a Pilates full Body workout = Near Death! *LOL*

But I digress yet again... yeah, I have a habit of doing that, the ADHD kicking in... *Smiles*  So anyway, there were so many Treasures to behold that I was practically overwhelmed with lust over several of them and a full blown Love Affair with a few in particular. *Winks*  I had an amazing time and ran into several Friends whilst soaking it all in and madly taking Photos for today's Post to share with you all.  The SWEET SALVAGE Team did an absolutely amazing job of customer service given the overwhelming turnout present on this Grand Opening first day... honestly, cars were parked for miles up all the streets, so I got quite a workout just going to and fro... thankfully one of my Scores was a Vintage Suitcase... which made toting my Treasures back several blocks to the car a lot more efficient! *Smiles*  And there was a huge tub of thoughtfully provided bottled icewater available to all the Patrons on this sweltering day... but hey, us die hard Junquers and Treasure Hunters don't mind a bit of sweat and exercise whilst pursuing our Passions now do we? *LOL*  You won't find us complaining or being offput by even the most inclement weather and hardships to Score those coveted pieces... which is how you can usually spot us amid the recreational Shoppers... we're in our element and NOTHING will deter us or spoil the experience for us and our Joy abounds as we're delving headlong into the experience regardless of external forces! *LOL*  And us Seasoned Veterans of these types of Events and Shows may have some sage advice for the less experienced partakers... and my observation at packed events leads me to share a few of these tips... so I Hope it helps anyone with their Shopping experience so that it will be a delight and memorable for all the right reasons:

1: Young Moms with wee ones... leave the strollers in the vehicle and hip tote the precious cargo... it's almost impossible to navigate cumbersome strollers through tight spaces filled with fragile items and hoards of Shoppers without incident.  I feel ya, I've often toted our Kids in the past when they were wee... and now the G-Kids we're raising on my recent excursions when you can't get a Sitter... but for their safety, courtesy to other Shoppers and my sanity, I didn't attempt taking a Stroller into a mob scene or a Shop or Show with narrow byways where it creates an obstruction & driving skills far exceeding my abilities to navigate without mishaps. *Winks*

2:  I know its exciting, and the adrenalin is coarsing through your veins, but try not to get so crazy that you're like a bull in a china shop... it always saddens me to hear crashing and shattering... accidents do happen, but sometimes carelessness and excessive exhuberance creates an accident waiting for a place to happen!  Don't behave like those legendary Macy's Day Shoppers who lose their minds, manners and all civility at Sales! *Insert Shudder*

3:  Remember to bring your Patience and Fruits Of The Spirit with you... it's supposed to be a good time, fun and enjoyable... any popular event is going to draw crowds... long lines and waits... so chill, strike up an interesting conversation with those around you in line and the waits will fly by.  I met a lovely Lady while waiting to check out, so I was glad for the delay so we could fellowship and also very Happy that any packed event means prosperity and longivity to those Vendors we so Love who are Hosting these amazing Events and Shows!  

4: Remember to tell all  your Friends about the great places you enjoy... supporting our Local Businesses is what stimulates the economy and gives us options and choices about where to Shop... Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs need our Support most of all to be competitive and stay solvent.  Yeah, everyone wants a 'deal', but honestly, everyone has to make their profit that is in the biz of resale, creating and repurposing... expect that not every Treasure is going to be Wholesale and at a "Pickers Price"... if you Love it,  you know what you are willing and able to pay for it... and that after all is the bottom line... negotiate what you can... and what you can't, well, that's what the Thrill Of The Hunt is all about!  

If you weren't able to make it out for the Opening Day, they will be open through Sunday for this Month's Event... and each Month will bring forth even more spectacular Treasures and Dreamy Vignettes to swoon over!  So, I Hope to one day see you at the SWEET... 

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh how I wish I lived in Arizona. This place really looks so fabulous. I am in love with the iron head board on that fabulous bed. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Wow...that was wish I could visit this shop....spotted so many things I would LOVE!

    Hugs to you. xoxo

  3. Oh WOW!! That's my kinda store! They're masters of display! There was nary a picture you took Dawn that didn't have something in it that I'd LOVE to take home! That iron piece turned bed headboard is KILLER!! Didn't look (from what I could see) that the prices were too bad either?
    This was a delish post! Vanna


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