Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some R&R Helps Relieve Record Breaking Heatwave

We're having a record heatwave of a Month's worth of consecutive days of temperatures exceeding 110 degrees *whew*... and most being around 115-117 degrees *insert feeling of spontaneous combustion, LOL*... and so I needed some R&R to help take my mind off the heat.

R&R meaning RUST AND ROSES  as well as rest and recuperation! *Winks*  Sweet Minnie looked as fresh as a Daisy as usual, in spite of brutal temps outside... isn't she adorable!?

And look at the amazing Altered Art Rosary she had created... I'm trying to talk her into making some for the Shop, Rosary wearing & Collecting fanatic that I am! *Smiles*

I took Home a couple of these lovely orphaned Antique shakers... I like to put my straight pins I use for Sewing in the little holes.

ADDED NOTE: A Sweet Blog Friend suggested that these might just be Hat Pin Holders and not Shakers... and the more I look at them the more I think they probably are just that... so now my usage of them doesn't seem so odd... at least they're holding Pins of some sort again! *LOL* 

I'm loving the Vintage Industrial & Commercial items the Shop Gals had stocked up on...

And the Vignettes in the Shop never cease to Inspire...

My Friend Pauline's Space looked amazing and she was still bringing in more fab pieces to foof the Booth...

Her Handsome DH, Victor, was hard at work hanging Lovelies clear to the rafters... 

She had decided to part with this AMAZING Gothic Chair! *swooning*

Alas, Chair Fiend that I am there is absolutely no more room at this Old House for yet another fabulous Vintage Chair... but if there were... I'd be all over this one, aged to perfection & fabulously Ornate! *Winks*

I'm adoring the huge Paper, Burlap & Lace Flowers Shelly had made and draped with old film...

Yes, visiting a favorite Shop and visiting Good Friends there was just the R&R I needed to help relieve a record breaking heatwave... 

 And my tiny Treasures were a great score... yep, that's the pair I chose...

Stay Cool my Friends...

'Cause it's Hot enough to Roast a Chicken on the sidewalk!!! *LOL*

But I'd like to think this Lil Fella died of more natural causes?! *Smiles*

And please join us over at the FADED CHARM Blog Party for WHITE WEDNESDAY!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I would love to visit the store !!! I love the jewelry ... You are so pretty !! Hopefully it will cool off there soon..

  2. That last chicken is pretty scrawny!! He/she needs fattening up before he/she is ready for the stew pot. Couldn't help myself on that one. R&R is one of my favorite places to explore along with S&S. I have a couple of friends who love to go along with me and just soak up the wonderfulness of it all. Seems that 7th Avenue is becoming a destination spot for Phoenix! Good! We need one here!

    BTW, as soon as my BFF gets back from CT, we are heading out to Glendale to explore the shops there. Hope to see you in a few months when it cools off and my BFF returns for the winter.

  3. Are you sure those are orphan salt shakers? I think they look like antique hat pin holders... whadda ya think? Awesome cool stuff there...I like the 'INSPIRE' letters.

  4. Oh my... I'm still laughing... Simply Me, I cannot accept the flattering comment... that is my Friend Minnie, who is the age of my Children... I only WISH I was so pretty!!! *LOL*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. I would love that store! So many beautiful things. Too bad it's slightly out of my area... ;-)

    Huge thanks for your lovely words, you're very welcome to revisit. :-)

    Take care!

  6. You are very witty! This looks like a great place to escape the heat ~ I LOVE the wall with "inspire" on it! I could do alot of damage in that store!

  7. Minnie looks like a movie star...She's beautiful! And that store is fab! I want to reach right through the screen and sort through those shakers/hatpin holders (whatever they are!) I wanna sort! Love your choices Dawn. But I think my heart would be beating faster and I'd be sweating up a storm from all the excitement *winks* Vanna

  8. Wow! It's really, really hot there! Try to stay cool!
    Great photos of the shop!

  9. The heat in Phoenix this year is endless...But, I really love that dress its too cute!

  10. LUV LUV LUV that shop!!!!! And I'm swooning over Minnie's tunic top!! Can you find out where she bought it? Or did she make it? Or does she carry them in her shop?????? I need one in my closet! Thanks for any help you can give me!!!!! (And please let me know when she starts selling those adorable necklaces, too??) :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Hi Dawn! Thanks for the info on Minnie's shop. Does she have an email where I can contact her about purchasing one of her cute dresses?? (and talk her into making some of those awesome necklaces....hehehe!). I live in MI, otherwise, I'd be over to her shop in a flash! Thanks, Dawn!! :)

    xoxo laurie


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