Thursday, August 25, 2011

I've Become A Certifiable LunaPic!

Yes, it's true, I've become a certifiable LunaPic! *Winks*
I'm enjoying maniputing my Photos via this free site and any other free Photo Editing sites I can discover to enchance my Photography and play with it.
Sometimes the results are amateur looking... but every once in awhile I have a Wow Moment where something turns out perfectly... and experimenting is part of the fun because there's nothing to commit to and you're only limited by your imagination.  And mine is a fertile one.

Before I invest in a product of any kind I always like the opportunity to see if it's something I can or would use... so its nice that free sites abound for Photo Editing so that I can discover and decide whether investing in one that I'd have to pay for would be worthwhile?  Because there's nothing worse than investing a substantial amount in anything you can't or won't use!  I'm a very basic person with an obstacle of being Tech Challenged, so 'user friendly' is crucial for me and I don't want anything too complicated or labor intensive to use... or it would simply sit gathering dust or idle in cyberspace! *LOL*

So, if any of you Peeps out there in the Land Of Blog know of some other fun sites to Photo Shop our pictures... shout it out!  Right now I'm in search of Bohemian Styled Frames to enchance the borders of my Photos... I've seen some lovely ones in the Land Of Blog and it gives a lovely touch to the images.  So... if you've not yet stepped out and begun playing with Photo Editing... take the plunge... if I can do it, anyone can!!! *Smiles* And if you don't mind being a certifiable LunaPic too... visit their site on the link I've provided and go for it!

And please join us over at Doni's Blog Party at FAITH, GRACE & CRAFTS for PEARLS & LACE THURSDAY!

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Your girl is so beautiful, tenderness to her!
    Thank you for the link, I go there!

    Happy day Dawn

  2. Hi Dawn, Just stopped by for a peek! WOWZA - you have some amazing photos here. I'd love to see photos of your restoration - I'm in a 1945 home - somewhere between a bungalow and a cottage. I LOVE doing home improvement projects. Let me know if you've posted photos in the past, and I'll check them out. Your Addams Family post reminded me of This Old House's feature about homes that need to be saved. Kudos to you and your family!

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention - I like Picasa from Google. There are lots of options to straighten, control light and color and those things I always need help with. It works well and is pretty user-friendly. And best of all, it's a freebie.

  4. Your girl is so adorable! The post is stunning as always. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. Hi Dawn, your photos are pretty, pretty, especially your little girl, she's adorable! I know what you mean about being tech challenged... I feel the same way! Hope your having a wonderful week!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. Thank you for a nice comment !!

    Wish you a happy weekend :o)

  7. Awwww Dawn princess T looks so adorable! Makes me want to hug the be-jeebers outta her! Lol!

    Thanks for the HU. I haven't seen this site and I'm looking forward to playing with it! Looks like tons of fun!
    Girlfriend you come over and help me assorize my house with your artists eye and I'll help you organize yours....BTW which I am not one bit good at in my own house, but great in others! *winks* The closet is the only place in the house right now that doesn't look like a bomb went off *winks*

    And you tell that man of yours that if there's a ceiling (of any kind?) It's fair game for a chandelier! Lol! You are not alone! I have just one closet in my house without a chandy in it, and a few days ago I purchased one from Lana's blog (Austen Designs) in Italy *winks*....Now where to put another one? hmmmmmmmm..... Vanna


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