Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's My Birthday... The Unexpected Gift

Today is my Birthday...

I assumed I already knew EVERYTHING I was getting...

But I was wrong!!!

My BFF Tina surprised me with "The Unexpected Gift"!!!  A PERFECT Gift in fact!!!

Just before she left for a Trip to Texas she left an envelope at the door and called me to say that it was there... with something special inside... and I couldn't open it until today *yeah, right... are you kidding me... the suspense wouldda killed me... LOL*...

And when I opened it *squeal of delight* I was so very surprised... you see... our good Artist Friend Tricia Samsal of VINTAGE BLISS made this fab Creation...

And I had lusted over it... and Photographed it for a Blog Post...

Thinking it absolutely perfect the first time I had laid eyes on it at a Trunk & Vintage Car Show several months ago... way back in early March in fact... these are the original Photos I took at the Show... 

It has the Lovely Virgin Of Guadalupe gracing one side under faceted Crystal, resplendant with some Bling...

And the perfect words "GYPSY WOMAN" gracing the other side under faceted Crystal... and with lovely mismatched glass Beads gracing each side of the Pendant.  So that it is reversable and can be worn as two different Necklaces, which is very versatile...

But Tina had snapped it up before I could that day... I had ASSUMED for herself... never knowing her intention to surprise me with it as my Birthday Gift!!!  Her little Secret all these months! *Smiles*  Yeah, this is a Gal that can keep a Secret & never divulge a Confidence!!!

And I'd been happy for her at the time she scooped up this Beautiful Piece... well, as happy as you can be when someone you care about beats you to a coveted piece anyway... *LOL &  Wink*  After all, you can't have it ALL... and I know Tina Loves Tricia's Beautiful Creations as much as I do and has begun to amass an impressive Collection of them.

But knowing that she had paid attention to which piece I'd been especially attracted to of all the pieces on display that day... and planned such a Special Surprise Gift for me so many months in advance...

Well, it REALLY touched my Heart and choked me up... 

 She's a very Special Friend and we have many, many years of History and cherished Memories together... as our Children were growing up together and now as our Grandchildren are growing up together... and this one is now added to the Multitude of them...

Thank You my Friend... The Unexpected Heartfelt Gift really brightened my Special Day!  Now be sure to have a safe Trip back to Arizona... so we can all hit the next set of Shows & Grand Openings coming up this Month... *Smiles*  And yes, Joy IS as close as my fingertips!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Dawn, what a sweet birthday story. It's so nice to have such a thoughtful friend. I love tricia and her creations too! Lucky you to have such a wonderful day. XO Christie

  2. Awwwww what a sweet friend!! She sure surprised you with a beauty! Vanna

  3. Many happy returns, Dawn, and I love the necklace. It's perfect for you.

  4. Happy Birthday! I love the Guadalupe necklace.


  5. HaPpY BiRtHdAy!Hope you had a wonderful day, and wishing you an even greater year --- Love the necklace too!

  6. What a beautiful, thoughtful friend...your necklace is just beautiful, and so 'you'...Have a wonderful, magical birthday Dawn xxx

  7. Hello dear Dawn,
    thanks for visiting my blog and leave such lovely words... I like to say Happy Birthday and hope you will have a great day!
    Many warm greetings from Germany
    P.S. what a beautiful surprise

  8. What a perfect gift for you!!
    Wishing you a very happy birthday........

  9. What a very thoughtful friend.... and such a beautiful necklace. Happy Birthday Day!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  10. OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS> DAWN, I hope this is the best day every and all the days to come in the far and near future are wonderful, special, loved and blessed. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  11. My dear Dawn,

    A very happy happy birthdeee to you! You are such a caregiver but today is your day, to do what your heart desires.

    The very best to you! hugs, Joyce

    aka www.Calamityjaneslifestyle.blogspot.com

  12. What a gift to have a friend who "gets" you in that way. Happy birthday and many great ones to come!

  13. Dawn,
    Happy birthday! It was great seeing you today and I'm so glad that you likedmy space. I didn't get a chance to take pictures and wondered if you would send me some that you took? I would appreciate it a lot! My email is: minniesemail@yahoo.com.
    Thx! And have a blessed day!
    Xo Minnie

  14. Ooooohhhh Happy, happy birthday my blog friend! I am so glad you received a surpresent that you love! When I was a kid that was my made up word for a wonderful surprise present. You are so kind and dear and do so much, I am so very happy you got something that you wanted! Keep on celebrating! I think we ought to celebrate for as many days as we are old (there has to be something good about all those candles on the cake!).
    Have a piece of cake (or tart) for me,


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