Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Figs An Eclectic Tour Of Home Decor

No, we are not visiting Statuary Prison... *LOL*...

These Beautiful Ladies are in fact gracing a fav local Shop called FIGS HOME AND GARDEN in downtown Phoenix.

FIGS is a wonderful Eclectic Urban Furnishings Boutique with a blend and wealth of imports from Asia, Haiti, Indonesia, Morocco, France, India and Europe.

Source: FIGS

When you see a Shop with amazing Statuaries and an authentic Rickshaw out front, well, it immediately catches your attention about what Treasures lay inside?!  

Let me tell you that the interior holds equally amazing Treasures of Antiques, furnishings, iron work, Architectural Salvage, signage, lighting and Art from the Owners many travels around the Globe.

Source: FIGS

I get my Vintage Moroccan Tea Glasses there, but I've been lusting after the Moroccan Light Fixtures... among other things... *Winks*

Source: FIGS

I've Sourced a few Photos from their Gallery Archives and taken some of my own to showcase just a smidgen of what wonders await you... it's like entering Aladdin's Cave full of Exotic Treasures!

And the Guys are as amazing as their Shop and have great stories to tell of their Travels around the Globe to procure the very best selection of Wordly Decor to suit any taste and Style.

I've been buying my Moroccan Tea Glasses a few at a time, just to have a handy excuse to keep going back and savoring the atmosphere... *Smiles*

They always remember me and that personalization of the Shopping experience is as important as the Treasures... I enjoy Proprietors that value the Person as well as the purchase. 

I'm always interested to hear where they just got back from this visit!?!?!???

A Trip to Turkey was the most recent adventure and since The Man has been there several times it was fun to swap Stories of this exotic locale and the legendary Hospitality of the Turkish People.
I remember The Man being impressed at the outstanding skill of the Artisans and the amazement that they always insisted on Hosting him to a lovely Lunch or Dinner whenever he shopped at any Store. AND offered Lifetime Warranties on all of their wares!!!  The Gift of Hospitality and Pride in quality of workmanship is still alive and well in Turkey...

At FIGS it is clearly evident that they also believe in extending the Gift of Hospitality and the quality of the World's Craftsmen in their products offered, you will not only leave with great 'scores', but also feeling as though you have made new Friends after your very first visit!  So whether your Taste and Style leans towards the Exotic...

Has a decidedly European Flair...

Or a yen for Repurposed Salvage... you'll discover it here my Friends...

Dawn... The Bohemian 


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