Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cottage Gardens Special Event

With my sweaty little fist full of Monopoly Style Catlin Cash Credits I headed out this weekend to COTTAGE GARDENS Special Event, Catlin Cash Days!

For those of us who have braved the fierce Arizona Summers Shopping in the Historic Catlin District of Old Downtown Glendale we had been rewarded all Summer long with Catlin Cash Credits for each purchase.

And at the end of August we're rewarded with a Special Event called Catlin Cash Days where you can spend your Catlin Cash like real money towards any purchase you desire in the Shops that participate!!!

I had earned all my Catlin Cash at my Friend Carol's Shops, COTTAGE GARDENS 1 & 2 and so of coarse that is where I'd made a beeline on the first day of the Event.

Determined not to make the same faux pas as last year at the Event... where I arrived plenty early and then decided to take a leisurely stroll until the doors opened...

And got to wandering and admiring the scenery in my usual style so intently that I lost track of the time... *Gasp*  And yep, in a matter of mere minutes a Gal had beat me to the ONE THING I had set my Heart upon spending my Catlin Cash on... a locket necklace! *sob* 

As they say... she who hesitates is lost... *Winks*   Yes, had to throw this great 'Day Of The Dead' Style Halloween vignette in for that comment... *LOL*  Portions of Both Shops are also decorated for Halloween with fab Fall items you will absolutely adore, but I shall Save that Treat for another Post... *Tricky Cackle*

Not that I didn't get something equally fabulous last year mind you... but I learned my Lesson... and this year it was heading to about 112 degrees by 10:00 AM so no stroll was happening anyways... *LOL*

Carol & Meilan were hard at work putting the finishing touches on the complimentary Buffet, but stopped long enough to let me in and get their picture taken...  Yep, I was the first one through the door this year! *Smiles* I learn my Lessons well don't I? *Winks*

  I'm still Loving those clustered paper Lanterns & gilded Stars dangling from the ceiling...

And being first also meant I could take some Photo Ops before the crowds descended upon the Shops...

To share with you my Friends here in the Land Of Blog...


And have sweet Meilan take some pixs of Yours Truly as well before I went into Shopping Mode... *Winks*

I just Love the Parasols that Meilan had arranged floating from the ceiling, so ethereal...

Alas, the ceilings in my Old House are too low to pull this lovely look off as effectively... we'de be bumping our heads & poking eyes on low hanging Parasols! *LOL*

I adored all the draped Fresh Water Pearls and Crowns...

And of coarse the Bohemian Bling!!!

Piles of it... delighting the eyes!!!

But I resisted all that temptation because I had a Mission and immediately headed to the Laura Van Collection and Display!  Because I'd been lusting after a particular piece to add to my slowly growing Collection of Laura Van creations!  And if you were paying close attention I gave you an earlier Clue as to what I had my Heart set upon...

But that didn't mean I couldn't also admire all the other pieces I'd Love to own...

If only I had unlimited resources and four or five Homes to accommodate everything that catches my eye! *LOL* 

Yes, I'm insatiable... I admit it... are you? 

 It's okay, you're amongst Friends, we won't tell... and confession is good for the Soul... *Smiles* 

 Just know that if you are, you're in good company, there's many of us here in Blogland that adore EVERYTHING Beautiful and are on a Quest to seek out Found Treasures and to have as much of it as possible! *LOL*

And entering Carol's COTTAGE GARDENS Shops 1 and 2 is like entering Aladdin's Cave full of Treasures to fit every budget and Style... whether you want a small trinket or something OOAK and will take your breath away!

And there's lovely Fashions too!!!

Which is one of the reasons why Yours Truly is laboring away at the Gym... so that I can fit into some of these fab Fashions that don't always come in really Big Grrrllll sizes. *Le Sigh*

Yes, this plus sized Fashionista want to fit into something that doesn't have an "X" somewhere in the label... *Winks*  Because alas, so few of the Fashions I adore extend into that realm of sizing...

But while I'm awaiting the transformation of said body, I have plenty of other options to consider and swoon over!

Visual overload of Eye Candy in fact... which is just as satisfying as a good meal! *Winks*

And even those Lovelies that are presently not within Budget I can Dream upon...

And still come away with loads of inspiration & decorating ideas... Why did you just know I'd sneak a pix of a lovely Old Door in here somewhere??? *Smiles*

Yes I had a very enjoyble time spending my Catlin Cash and coming away with a Bounty of Inspiration and Visual Delights!

And Photographing Beautiful Creations is as much a Delight for me now as buying them ever has been... which is a huge relief to The Man I tell  you! *LOL* 

Because the Quest for the Perfect Photo Op is far less expensive than the Quest for the Perfect Found Treasure! *Smiles*

Though this day with my sweaty wad of Catlin Cash I came away with BOTH fab Photos AND a Treasure I'd had my Heart set upon for Months of the long hot Summer! *Whoo Hoo!*

My Lovely Laura Van OOAK Box... in the same fabulous Hues as my fav Vintage MP Velvet Bloomers and new Bohemian Velvet Bedspread acquisition!

And that's not all my Friends... since there's also great Thrift Shops in the area look what else I found at a Thrifty bargain...

A Trifecta of Thrift Store Scores!!!  I'll be able to make some lovely Creations out of these...

With the Lovely Vintage Italian Millefiore Mosaic Art Pin being my fav piece... at an obscenely low price! *Cha-Ching*

And admiring all my Lovely Laura Van Collection together in their little Nook Bedside is a Rush...

Ahhhhhh... what a Vision...

And be sure to come back for the next few days my Friends as I take you over to COTTAGE GARDEN 1 and show you the delightful Velvet & Fabric Pumpkin Patch and other Fall Lovelies... as well as the Halloween Decor at both COTTAGE GARDEN Shops... it will definitely get you in the Autumn Vibe and Spirit!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn,

    I found you on Karen's blog and you looked like someone I should know...

    I've decided to follow your blog and see what adventures you can show me about my home state, I don't get over to your side of town very often at all. I live in Gilbert currently, but when time permits and I don't have any orders to fill, I'd love to get over to your side of town. Please stop by and visit my blog sometime, and should you sign up to follow it helps your eligibility in my seasonal giveaways. Have a great day!


  2. I would have fainted from the sheer extravagance of it all had I not read your words: "...the Quest for the Perfect Photo Op is far less expensive than the Quest for the Perfect Found Treasure"!

    And what "Perfect Found Treasures" you carried home!

  3. Oh Dawn, I just love you!!! Reading this posting just soooooooooooo made my day!! <3, LV


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