Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another Kindred Blogger... This Girl's Art

Source: This Girl's Art Blog

Source: This Girl's Art Blog

I Love discovering even more Kindred Spirits here in the delightful Land Of Blog... and when I stumbled upon this gifted Artist's Blog, Cathie of THIS GIRL'S ART... her creative Art & Boheme' Spirit and Style of Decorating her Home... well, the images will speak for themselves won't they!!!

Source: This Girl's Art Blog

An authentic Vintage Fortune Telling Machine in the Parlour... I'm still swooning... *Winks*

Source: This Girl's Art Blog

Seriously, how freakin' Cool is THAT?!?!?!?!?

Source: This Girl's Art Blog

And obviously her penchant for the Bohemian decorating, lush plantings, Persian Rugs & Stained Glass mirror my own...  I'm loving everything about it...

Source: This Girl's Art Blog

Source: This Girl's Art Blog

Victorian details... surrounded by lush Gardens... *still having a swoonfest of epic proportions*

Source: This Girl's Art Blog

And some of her style of Art reminds me of the fab Biomythic Masks Gallery I once did a Post on when it toured our local Desert Botanical Gardens... I'm totally inspired!!!

So head on over to see more of this delightful Blogger's World...  I spent an entire Morning over there perusing her Blog Archives... you will undoubtedly be captivated too...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Wow...that is like gypsy heaven! I love it!
    Thanks for sharing. You are so generous Dawn.


  2. WOW! Thanks So much for all your kind words. It is a great thing when you can connect with kindred souls. I'm finding it can be pretty lonely, being a gypsy. When every where i look, everybody I'm surrounded by prefers that massed produced garbage. But, then again They say to me, All you like is " all that OLD stuff"

  3. Oh my goodness Dawn, I can see why you are swooning! Thankyou for sharing such a beautiful link...that fortune teller - my word!

  4. I see I'd better get to work! I have a lot of gathering and grouping to do. With all the great blogs and posts you supply, I have no excuse to neglect the Bohemia in me!

  5. And the great thing is..............
    Cathie is every bit as wonderful, interesting and talented as you would suppose her to be from looking at her house and gardens.....
    The real deal. Lovely that you showcased her!!


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