Saturday, July 2, 2011

What Does A 118 Degree Day Look Like?

It was 118 Degrees today AND Humid since a Monsoon storm was brewing to the East... and even by Phoenix Desert Heat Standards that's pretty insane.  And to add to the insanity yours truly was out in it... yes, I must be Mad. *LOL*

I had my trusty Vintage Umbrella, gallons of iced Water and set off for a Great Adventure in the Natural Sauna that Nature had bestowed upon us this day. *Smiles*  One thing I know about extreme Heat is that it makes Wildlife behave differently... maybe they're a wee bit delirious from the extreme temperatures that they HAVE to be out in, I don't know, or maybe they're just too Hot and exhausted to behave normally and instinctively?  So it is a perfect setting to feel like Dr. Doolittle... because they will come right up to you in the shade and sheltered areas and chill out within inches of you as if its quite natural to be hanging out with us Humans crazy enough to be out in it too. *Winks* All inhibitions and caution are thrown to the wind... well, if there was wind... and at 118 it would feel more like a blast furnace so I was rather thankful no Haboob Dust Storm winds hit during my communing with the Wildlife Moments.

So there I sat under an ancient Mesquite Tree surrounded by Doves and a Squirrel that appeared almost tamed by the 118 degree environment this day.  They didn't even care that I wanted them to pose for a few photos for Blog Fodder... it didn't phase them one iota!  Since they had decided to join me in the shade of the old Tree we talked... now I don't understand  and can't translate Dove nor Squirrel dialects, but I did find it interesting that as I talked quietly to them they chattered right back... as if in agreement with my conversation of it being a crazy Hot day!!!  Doves actually have quite a vocabulary I discovered and the Squirrel was very animated when conversed with!

Even in the brutal unrelenting Sauna-like Heat of the day the Desert though still and quiet was very much alive... from the creatures that abounded and were more subdued and tame than usual... to the numerous magnificent Native Fauna that is still an explosion of Bloom and Vivid Color.  And because not many were as Mad as me to be out and about in it, there was a tranquility and peacefulness that was most enjoyable and restored my Soul.

What does a 118 degree Day look like?  Why, like this Post my Friends... and just in case you were wondering... No, this isn't the Hottest Day I've ever endured since living in the Valley Of The Sun... I was here years ago when it hit 122 degrees... June 26, 1990... and I lived to tell about it! *LOL*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Now that IS hot! I heard on the news that many in Arizona were w/o power, too.

    It got up to at least 97 here. And with the humidity it felt VERY hot.

  2. Hi Dawn,

    It was HUMID! Got lots of wind last night. Beautiful photo's!



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