Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Teaching Kids To Cook

Children Love to learn new things and they delight in the simplest things and look at their World through fresh eyes and few filters... reveling in the Joy of Living.  Their energy, Joy and enthusiasm is unmatched and it can be contagious if you open yourself up to it.

The G-Son is 10 and decided now was the time he needed to be taught how to cook on the Stove.  Sure, he's been a Microwave Master for some time now... but after religiously watching the entire Season of IRON CHEF AMERICA, TOP CHEF and CAKE BOSS he's primed to be the next Master Chef in the Family. *Winks*  Hey, its in the blood so its a distinct possibility, his Great-Grandfather, my Dear Dad, was a superb Master Chef.  I sure wish in his day they had all these Reality Show Master Chef competitions because I would have loved to see Dad face off to the likes of Bobby Flay, Mario Batali and Masaharu Morimoto!  I'd of put my money on my Dad, he was a self-taught Master Chef Genius and a superb Artist... no brag, just fact. *Smiles*  And BTW, Gramma thinks IRON CHEF AMERICA Chairman Marc Dacascos is one Hot Stud Muffin!!! *Winks*

Source: Marc Dacascos - Bing Images

But I digress *LOL*... So anyway, teaching the Kids to Cook has now become a favorite past-time... and between gigs at his Aunt's House and our House he's become quite adept at the Art of the Pancake and well on his way to becoming the Pancake Master.  He wants to make Pancakes & Waffles ALL of the time now... Breakfast, Lunch AND Dinner!!! *LOL*  And Princess T doesn't mind one ioto, when you're a Kid you don't mind mixing up the Meal Menus in random order. *Smiles*  And she's become the Master Egg Cracker, Batter Mixer and Plating-The-Food Extraordinaire... his Sous-Chef-In-Training. *Winks*
I don't know when most Sous-Chefs Master the Art, but at 5 she's not doing too bad and I for one am quite impressed with this dynamic duo. 
They're already like a well oiled machine in their culinary teamwork & dedication to the Craft...

Our quest is now for the most interesting and exotic Pancake Mixes and Syrups known to Man... and interesting toppings as well... from Fresh Fruits, Nuts & tantalizing Treat of every description, to a variety of colorful Sprinkles and add-ins that are only limited by the imagination... and theirs is quite fertile lemme tell ya! *Winks*

But, since my Mantra is that Variety is the Spice Of Life, I'm game too...
And what Gramma doesn't enjoy being cooked for???
Hey, one less bell to answer, one less egg to fry... *Smiles*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. ohhhhh yes yes yes I'm still in love with this place!!


  2. I am visiting your blog rather often, and I realy like your things. You take so nice fotos.



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