Thursday, July 7, 2011

One Year Blogaversary

It was my One Year Blogaversary on July 5th... that's also my Mom's Birthday...

I had intended to do something special to celebrate my 1st Anniversary Journey into the Land Of Blog.  But you know how even with the best of intentions Life can throw some unexpected turns...

Normally in this Family we celebrate any special occassion... or sometimes celebrate for no particular reason or occassion at all.  And being that Blogging has in many ways changed me in so many positive ways and connected me to so many wonderful people across the World it was something I had wanted to mark in time and some kind of special way... 

But given the unfortunate turn of events it will have to wait my Friends...
Maybe some other time...
I know you will understand.

But suffice to say you are ALL very much appreciated...  your Friendship, Inspiration, Prayers and Encouragements have meant so much during this past year here in this Magical Place we call The Land Of Blog.  This has grown me, sparked creativity and imagination, challenged me, given me new Vision and been a nourishing Place to come to daily... to share... and to enjoy the sharing of so many others...  To connect to Kindred Spirits and meet new Friends who share many similar Passions... and 'get' me... Who knew...  And I'm so glad I curiously wandered in and decided to stay...

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Happy Aniverary and I want a cup cake, Please! RC at My Old Historic House

  2. For some reason I was unable to post on your previous post to express my support & prayers for you and your family at this difficult time. I've only been enjoying your blog for a short time but find it beautifully done - inspiring to my spirit. (I've listed you in the sidebar of my thriftystyleatsixty blog so that I can see the minute you do a new post!) ♥

  3. HI Dawn,
    Haven't checked in for a couple of days, just saw the post on your mom. You absolutely have my prayers and good thoughts. It doesn't matter what age you are they are still your mom and dad. Take good care of yourself. I am glad you are loosing yourself in beautiful Bohemian dreams. Distractions are a necessary part of coping.
    Lots of love, no need to write back I know you are busy,
    PS Super big congratulations on your 1 year anniversary. I for one am so glad you started blogging as I adore your beautiful pictures and your lovely writing!

  4. Darling Dawn, congratulations on your one year blog anniversary, and please know that you and your beautiful mum are in my thoughts x

  5. Congratulations on your 1yr anniversary Dawn. Bittersweet though it must be.
    What a beautiful picture of you and your mama. You're the spitting imnage of each other. Prayers and healing (((HUGS)))sent your way. Vanna


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