Monday, July 25, 2011

More Tranquility... My Style Of It Anyway

Okay, so you've seen this serene Wild Burro grazing at the side of the road before in the previous Post... but she epitomized a Tranquil Place... My Style of it anyway, so it bears repeating *Winks*... And I shall continue to take you there to my Tranquil Places for the next few days of Posts... if you choose to come along... 

The Man knew I desperately needed a heavy dose of Tranquility, so this weekend, sans G-Kids, we hit the Arizona Highways on a Road Trip to one of my fav Old Artsy Towns, Jerome...

I feel right at Home here... and have fantasized about purchasing Property here since the 1970's because it is a place I'd feel quite content, its as quirky as I am, and I like that in a Place *LOL*...
But with Real Estate & Vacant Lot prices here being in the Stratosphere it shall remain a Fantasy... *Le Sigh*

There are lots of Artists, Hippies and Gypsy Spirits that have called this Town their Home for decades... it once was a thriving Mining Town... then a Ghost Town... and now it has come back to Life again and the ambiance and charm of the place appeals to my sensibilities... I'd easily fit right in... it's so very ME...

With the Persian Rugs thrown over Balcony Railings... lush plantings left to grow Wild and Natural... reclaimed Furniture sitting on Porches and in Yards, Artist Creations abounding at every turn...

Steep crumbling Stairways in narrow alleyways between charming buildings showing signs of benign neglect and the ravages of Time...

Historic Homes set on steep Hillsides overlooking a breathtakingly scenic panoramic view of the Valley below them...

Quaint Old Hotels from the days of the Wild West... and charming little Shops, Restaurants & Boutiques lining the narrow Streets, some still of Cobblestone, that wind like a Snake's Belly up the Hillsides...

A place abounding with Saloon Style Watering Holes... Art Galleries... Home Style Restaurants with great food and fantastic views... the above photo was our view at Dinner in a Booth at The Haunted Hamburger... yes... allegedly Haunted Buildings also abound... and several Paranormal Reality Shows do Episodes & Host Tours here...

A climate condusive to overgrown Gardens that attract Nature's Creatures... yep, that's my Lil Burro Friend again, she apparently was used to posing for a Tourist Photo Op... *LOL*

Yes, a Place where Crystal Chandies hang outside of decrepid Buildings covered in a tangle of overgrown fauna and vines...

And I just LOVE it... because it's MY Style of Tranquility and I luxuriate in it...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn, I new KNEW there was such a place!?! Honestly, though not quite as "Bohemian" as you, I could absolutely REVEL in being in such a stimulating environment. (I KNOW you call it "tranquil", but I think I'd find it "stimulating" as well.)

    Meanwhile, I shall go outside and look at the faux Persian rugs flung over the fence between us and our neighbor. I think she is trying to eliminate some pet effects, but they HAVE been out there a long time...

  2. This place is like a really, really good dream...the kind you wake up from and want to immediately return. Thanks for sharing! You look right at home there.

  3. What's not to love?!! And Dawn I'm so glad your hubby is home with you! Vanna

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  5. Hi Dawn,
    I loved all your pictures from Jerome. I have been meaning to take a little trip there as it is close to my home for a little shopping a photo taking. Thanks for sharing your trip.


  6. Dawn... my boheiman friend.

    I just love all your post. I love seeing the world through your eyes. You just take in things with so much love and passion and you appreciate it. I think thats what has left the world so troubled... people don't look at things with appreciation.

    This is a beautiful place. I would love to visit there. All these buildings are just fabulous. It reminds me of some of the places I visited in Medico. Everything just has this gentle calm about it.. as if its just had time to settle.

    What is the spirit room... that sounds intriguing. I'm sure its just a bar or something... but it could be so many things. I like you also like old buildings that are broken down and withering. Sometimes they call to me... as if asking to have life put back in them. Sometimes I think buildings begin to form a spirit of their own after time and once they are abandoned they seek to have life back in them to feed their spirit, so they may be vibrant and bustling again.

    I want to ask too... where did you get your bag? Did you make it? Its amazing. I want one so bad. I love it!!

    WIth love,

  7. I am in love with your blog! :-)

  8. awesome shots and travel...

  9. That place is SO COOL!! I would fit right in myself! I love places like this. You know what, Dawn? You are inspiring me to be more like who I really am--an old hippie. If we can't be ourself by age 57, is there any hope left in the world??? ;) I'd like to go back to my hippie clothes, maybe like a long, comfy skirt. Cool purse, btw, did you make it?


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