Sunday, July 10, 2011

Make A Haven

  ha·ven [ háyvən ] 1.sheltered place: a place sought for rest, shelter, or protection

Make a Haven... it needn't be a perfect one... or particularly fancy, unless you want or need it to be... just your version and vision of what a Haven should be... the true definition of it: A sheltered place... a place sought for rest, shelter or protection.

Surround yourselves with those things that evoke a sense of this for you.
And seek out those things that would enhance that place and make it the Haven you would look forward to retreating to... often. 

Perhaps even inviting others into... folks that might also be seeking rest and a safe, sheltered space for a brief Sabbatical... a temporary escape to an enchanted place that you have created and opened up in a gesture of Hospitality and Friendship.

I've been thankful that our Home has always been a Haven... my Bohemian Valhalla.  With the current crisis with our Mom and the rollercoaster of her appearing to make progress and then taking one bad turn after another, with the recent one being today... having a soothing place to retreat to has been a Godsend to me! Some things may be very simple but they Minister to the Senses, to the Soul, to the Spirit and to the Body.  How our Haven looks, feels, smells and sounds makes a difference.

Imagine for a moment... what will you have there in your Haven? What would you like to have there? How do you want it to look... feel... smell... sound like? 

Make a Haven... it can be anything you want it to be you know... and you and others will be glad you did...

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Dawn, I'm sorry to hear about another "down" in the "ups and downs". I SO agree about "haven"! I smile to think that I have several BV-type items in our home. Just not a concentration of them. I think I must be a budding Bohemian :) I'd better hurry up!

  2. Looks like a wonderland. Where is Alice?Richard at My Old Historic House.

  3. You've certainly created a "haven" there Dawn. It looks cool beautiful and refreshing and that's saying something given the temps you've been experiencing.
    I'm praying that your mother will take another turn for the better....and another..and another. Vanna


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