Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Magpie Tendencies

Magpies collect objects to form nests and attract mates. They are very into interior design and curating the best possible objects. Their nests can be very ellaborate and extravagant.

Yep, that sounds like ME!  Well, except for the attracting mates part!!! *LOL*  I don't think The Man would approve of THAT... and one Mate is enough for anyone IMO. *Smiles* And I also don't know how attractive my collections and hoarding of shiny and items precious to me actually is to my Mate?! *Winks*  Lets just say he's tolerant of it and has gotten used to it after all these years since it is something that I do that seems instinctive and deeply ingrained to my nature. 

I most definitely have Magpie Tendencies... and I'm not sure why... I've just always been that way.  Certain things catch my eye and I'm strongly attracted to them in a very primal way.

Not just the shiny, elaborate and extravagant... though those certainly are some of my weaknesses.
But also those quirky things that I usually wouldn't think would draw me in and cause a desire in me to curate, cull and select... sometimes in vast numbers!  Case in point, the creative Greeting Cards I discovered in a local Shop that had Cottage Style Art and a Gourmet Teabag tucked into each one.  I initially bought just one to send to a Friend... but found myself going back again and again over time until I had collected the entire set to feather my Nest with!!!  I just loved the way they looked tucked into decor or vignettes or simply adorning the side of the Fridge held by equally quirky Magnets. 

And my Hoard of Bohemian Bling, eye catching Vintage or Antique Fabrics and Filigree Metal Things is legendary! *Smiles*  My Collection of Magnolia Pearl Bags is one of my most cherished fabric creation Collections and I rarely pass up an old Bohemian Brooch, I adore them all. It would take a team of wild horses to drag me away from those glittering or most desirable Found Treasures when discovered at a bargain... how much is enough?  I don't know, I haven't reached that point yet!

And my strange attraction to weathered and aged painted wood can be even more mysterious.  At least most people do see and understand the Beauty of the Bling and lucious Fabrics or ornate Metals...  but chippy, peeling, crackled and crazed old painted Wood... not so much. 

 It does not even have to be a whole or functional piece... I actually have dragged Home pieces... like this... because of the Patina, or the Color, or the Character of how the piece has aged, no matter how decrepid and seemingly useless it may appear to those who aren't as attracted to it as I obviously am.  Usually I will find a use and purpose for these strange Treasures or create something out of them... but I would find it very difficult to just allow them to be lost or destroyed.

Sometimes I'm infatuated by certain Colors and that will be the primary basis on what I collect and curate at the time, items of those hues will appeal to me no matter what they are... just being cohesive by Color is often enough for me.  My Pink & Seafoam Green phase is passing and now I'm being drawn once again to rich Jewel Tones and I see a pattern in those Colors now appearing in what I'm acquiring.

Yes, its strange but true, I am in fact a Human Magpie... and collecting and curating the best possible objects to satisfy my nesting instinct has been a way of Life that I thoroughly enjoy and never tire of... how about you?

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Ha, I think magpie is a wonderful name... much better than "hoarder" as my children like to say.
    Have a wonderful week~

  2. I love to admire all of the pretty and interesting things that I see in antique stores and shops, but I have very few of my own. I'm really a minimalist when it comes to my home. If there is too much stuff out, I feel like I have a hard time thinking...lol :)


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