Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going To A Tranquil Place

Source: Tumblr Images

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Source: Mehrangarh Fort, India - Bing Images

Source: Mehrangarh Fort, India - Bing Images

Source: Faerie Cottage in Winterthur Gardens by Chris Sanfino

Source: Abandoned Beirut Mansion by Craig Finlay

I enjoy seeking out those images via the Internet that bring me to a tranquil place... going to a tranquil place through Beautiful and inspiring images is relaxing, almost like being there isn't it?

But sometimes we have to be proactive and just GO to our Tranquil Places... where ever they may be...

Because actually "being there" is even better isn't it?!  Which is why I enjoy day trips to favorite places once labeled "Ghost Towns" and now given new Life, such as Jerome, Arizona... because such places are particularly tranquil for me and apparently for other Artists as well, since Creative Souls flock to such places and establish Artist Communities there...

Many of the old Buildings that sat vacant and decaying for decades have been restored and new Life breathed into them... and others lay in wait to be given new Life... or perhaps are just too far gone and are best left to the elements and display a haunting Beauty all their own... 

I don't know why, but abandoned, derelict places have always been particularly tranquil and intriguing to me and spark creativity... there is something quite organic and strangely beautiful about the process of the ravages of time and decay, it has always mezmerized me and drawn me in.  And perhaps why I have an attraction to what is Old and shows the character of that aging process.   I find as much Beauty in the abandoned overgrown Mansion images as I do the images of the inhabited and beautifully preserved or restored Structures.  Perhaps even moreso because there is that element of Mystery in the long abandoned... a Story behind the emptiness and subsequent neglect and lack of human intervention. A wanting to explore or a Daydream to Rescue and Reclaim and imagine possibilities, however unlikely! *Winks*

We are so fortunate that so many images are shared and passed around through the medium of Technology now, I can see so much more captured through the eyes of the lens of many around the World than I ever could through my own eyes and experiences.  I can discover places and People I've never before heard about and explore their world deeper through the sharing of stories, images and websites.  It expands my World and exposure to what lies beyond my immediate sphere of influence and locale.

I feel like a Traveler of sorts when I come to the Land Of Blog and get to experience so much through my eyes and imagination from the words and pictures on a Web Page.  Until a year ago it was an unknown World to me and I thank my Grandchild for exposing me to such a delightful place to visit often and participate in freely and with few inhibitions.  It has enlarged my horizons and expanded my creativity to now include Photography, Writing and Website Design of my Blog Pages.  Creating has always been a particular Joy for me and finding new ways to be creative fulfills something deep within that is enjoyable to express and share.

I so enjoy going to a tranquil place via my Blog Posts and the images I've either sourced through the beautiful shared Photography of others or taken myself in my daily Journey through Life...
I Hope it is as enjoyable and tranquil a destination for you too my Friends...

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

*If you can identify the actual Source of any shared Photos I'm reblogging, please let me know so that I may credit the Owner of the image*


  1. I, too, find enjoyable and tranquil destinations -- thanks to technology! And husband and I also dream of the "highly unlikelies" of bringing life back into deserted buildings...

    I'd be interested in more about The House of Joy pictured in one of the latter photos here.

  2. its like the Disneyland of funky places.

  3. This is such a wonderful post. I love how you just love to blog... I feel the same way. Its magic really :)


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