Friday, July 15, 2011

Gift Baskets

I Love making Gift Baskets to show my appreciation to those who have Blessed us in any way... granted, in typical "Me" fashion I don't quite know when to stop adding to them. *Winks*
My Mantra is after all: More is never enough! *LOL*

Soooooooooo... was this enough?  NOPE... we need MORE... *Winks*

THERE... now that EVERY SQUARE INCH of the Picnic Basket is brimming over with EXCESS... NOW I'm satisfied... so where's the 3 Men & a Boy I'll need to lift this monstrosity?! *LOL*  

So I knew that for the Aunties who have taken shifts the past week to care for the G-Kids so I could concentrate on Mom's medical emergency and arrangements unencumbered, I wanted to surprise each of them with Gift Baskets unique to their individual preferences.  And though mostly healthy Fruits would suffice for one who is on the perpetual diet like moi and doesn't want to be offered up TOO MUCH temptation *winks*... the other is 7 Months Preggy and jonesin' for...

TOTAL JUNK FOOD!!! *Smiles*  Yes, she was delighted & snatched this Gift Basket out of my hands before anyone else in the house could even CONSIDER scoring any of it!!! *LOL*  Never get between a Pregnant Woman and her Cravings!!! *Smiles* 

I presented two of the three Baskets to the caregivers of Princess T, who had to finally come Home yesterday because she'd worn out the two Aunties and two Uncles taking turns caring for her! *LOL*  Yeah, a little bit of her can go a long way... and even though they absolutely adore her and it's "all about her" when she's at their Homes, I appreciated that they've earned their Sainthood hanging in so long and faithfully for me!  I've never met anyone to date that can 'hang' with both G-Kids and Prince R is coming home today...

So, now to present the final finished Gift Basket for Prince R's Auntie and her entourage that have been hanging in there with him! *winks*  ... 

 He's already had to come Home once during the week to give them all a brief respite... because his intensity can be like his little Sister times a thousand! *Whew*  How do I manage to do it alone most of the year they always ask me?  Well, all I can say is... when there's no choice there is God's Grace and Strength to sustain me and that is always sufficient.  And when it's not, well, He sends His Earthly Angels in the form of Friends and Family to volunteer & assist...
And they are truly Priceless and appreciated... so a mere Gift Basket is only a small token to show our appreciation for all that they do in support of us... we Love you guys!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian... and the Little Bohemians *Winks*


  1. God's grace IS always sufficient - BUT....

    Wowsers! Almost makes me want to be 7 months preggy again! (No, not really. I'd choose the fruit ANYtime. *Winks*)

  2. ur blog is very nice...all ur posts are worthwhile...

  3. WOW! lucky recipients of those fab gift baskets! thanks dawn for your sweet comment left on my post. you rock.



  4. I bet those were some very happy ladies! Yummmmmm! Vanna


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