Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Exotic Influences

I Love East Indian Bangles...

Lovely Old Exotic Design Tea Tin at ANTIQUE GATHERINGS ...

Vintage Kilims at FIGS...

I've never seen a Persian Carpet or Rug that I didn't swoon over... *Smiles*

I adore Moroccan Tea Glasses...

With Tea Lights or with Iced or Hot Tea in them, they're perfect... *LOL*

Lovely Bohemian Bag by Shelly Session at SIRENS & SAINTS...

Fab Chair at RUST & ROSES... Sorry, it was already SOLD... and just waiting to go to it's new Home...

Lovely Bohemian Bag by an Unknown Artist... 

I have a penchant for Vintage Velvet Pillows & Quilts... yeah I know, I need Fabric Intervention! *Winks*

Even more of a penchant for Belgian Velvets of all types...

One of my 1960's Vintage Carpetbags...

Cigar Boxes always have such Exotic Graphics... Love 'em...

My penchant for Bohemian Bling is legendary... *Smiles*

One of my Antique Carpetbags...

I also adore Vintage and Antique Italian and French Velvet Bedspreads...

As you can plainly see, I really adore Exotic Styles and Colors... they have influenced me perhaps more than anything else in Art, Decorating and Fashion.  Drawing me like a Moth to a Flame because I feel most comfortable around Exotic surroundings, it speaks to my Soul and I connect to it at a very deep level.

I have experimented with other Styles and Colors... but I always come back to what is most True to my inherent Nature... it is intrinsic to who I am at my very core of being.  And I find that though I can part with most things over time... those items that have an Exotic Style are what I would have the most difficulty letting go of... I might store them away for a time... but I always come back to them in due time and Love them as much as I ever did... or gravitate towards them in what I have yet to acquire.

Mae gen i gariad i ti.

And today is the Birthday of the most influential Bohemian Spirit in my Life... our Mom.
 Still an Inspiration after all these years...
Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. great post as always! I really enjoy all your posts! I'm also a big fan of that original Persian carpet from Iran! By the way, Happy Birthday to your mom! Best wishes!

  2. Hi Dawn, so many pretties.... as you know I love all those beautiful fabrics, their just gorgeous..... and Happy Birthday to you Mom!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  3. Hi Dawn....such pretties. Happy birthday to your beautiful mom.....I can see the strong resemblance. My daughter's birthday was the 4th....quite a few firecrackers, hugh.!!



  4. Lovely things.

    Happy Birthday to your mom. My daughter's bd is today.

  5. oh love you and your mom(:)
    rugs and bracelet too (:)


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