Friday, July 22, 2011

Crying In A Good Way... With Heartfelt Surprises & Gratitude

I was completely overwhelmed with emotion and grateful beyond words...

Somebody Special made me cry today... but in a good way... with Heartfelt Surprises!

My amazingly talented Blog Friend Tricia Fountaine of CONVERSATIONS WITH THE MUSES Blog had showered Princess T and I with the most fabulous gifts and amazing creations... she is the Faerie Queen of Magical Experiences of Event Design and Creative Living so my Heart was aflutter when her packages arrived...

The large boxes arrived via UPS, Princess T and I were giddy with anticipation... the fragrance of Rose Nag Champa was heavy in the air even before we opened the packages!!!

When Princess T smelled the delightful heady aroma coming from the boxes she said, "She must be just like us, huh Gramma?" *Winks... yes Child... she is indeed a Kindred Spirit*


There were yards and yards of frothy Tulle enveloping the precious contents... Princess T was rolling around in it and wrapping herself extravagantly... and the Hat creation Tricia had made for our Mad Hatter Tea Parties... in a word AMAZING!!!

Beyond Amazing... an Enchanting Beautiful work of Art that we will cherish... display... and wear often as we sip Tea during our Mad Tea Parties... 

Princess T was enjoying it so much I feared she would want to sleep in it tonight?!!?? *Winks*

Dressing up in Fantasy Creations is a Passion for the G-Kids and I...

We're very uninhibited in fact... wearing what we Love regardless of how theatrical or Boheme' it may appear to others...

So we ADORED this fabulous creation of yours Dear Tricia... and the sweet Notes that so encouraged me during a most difficult time... I never dreamed when I entered this wonderful Land Of Blog that it would also come with the prospect of connecting to such wonderful new Friends... who would share Passions and lifestyle and stagger me by being so very generous within this Community of Kindred Souls... I'm touched and honored to be a recipient of such kindness and Love in action...

And Princess T insisted we have a spontaneous Tea Party to celebrate our lovely new gifts and showcase them for a Blog Post...

And raise a Toast to you my Friend... for completely and utterly overwhelming us with your Love Gifts...

As we unpacked the large boxes the Treasures just kept coming and coming... and tears of Joy choked me up with emotion... it was like Christmas in July!!!

With acres of Tulle, large Frothy Hat Creation... exquisite China Apple Blossom design Teacup & Saucer...

Ornate fragrant Silk & Velvet Sachets with lovely details and an aroma that fills the room with delightful Rose Nag Champa... I wish you could smell how amazing our Home is right now!

Beautiful Floral Fabric Tea Napkin Handkerchiefs...

Dried Rosebuds...

Incense & Dhoop Sticks & Cones...

Gossamer Beaded Sachet and even my beloved "Song Of India" Perfume, a signature scent for yours truly... oh Tricia, you surely do pay attention to what your Friends Love!!!!!!!!!!!!

There aren't sufficient words of Gratitude to express our sentiments... Thank You my Friend for the experience receiving these Treasures brought to us this day...

But you can be sure that many Mad Tea Parties to come will be sporting your exquisite Creations...

And that you have now sufficiently inspired us to begin creating some of our own Mad Hatter Tea Party Hats!

For even MORE Magical Experiences in Creative Living...

Prompting even MORE delightful Mad Tea Parties...

With lucious Fragrances permeating the air... of Incense... and the aroma of freshly brewed Teas... and delicious confections... because that's how we all roll here at Bohemian Valhalla... won't you join us my Friends?

Dawn... The Bohemian
And Princess T... who is the Princess of Mad Hats

For even more Enchantment please visit Tricia's Blog and Design sites CONVERSATIONS WITH THE MUSES and TRICIA FOUNTAINE DESIGN for virtual sensory overload and being transported to a Fantasy Destination that you will not want to wake or return from!!!

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And since we are obviously in Mad Hatter Blog Tea Party mode, lets move the Party over to FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE too for Feathered Nest Friday, since our Beautiful new Tea Party Hat has both Feathers and Nests in it! *Winks* 


  1. Wow... You and Princess T made my day, week, month... thank you!
    Love and laughter,

  2. Tricia is the best! My hat arrived this week too, and it holds pride of place on one of my mannequins where I get to drool over it daily...oh Dawn, imagine the tea parties we shall have in our over the top hats! I am so happy that someone has brought you such joy amidst a very difficult time xxx Hooray for blog sisters!

  3. YOU made our day, week, month too my Friend!
    Dawn & Princess T

  4. Awwww...what a cute post! You and Princess T...awww..! Gorgeous pics as always! Thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  5. Love having tea parties, and the mad hatter theme is the most fun of all! Your hat is gorgeous. You must be a special lady to receive such a gift of love.Thanks for visiting, I'll be back!

  6. Hi Dawn, I love that you have such a sweet magical play world with your grandaughter. it will mean everything to her as she grows older. I was so influenced by my grandmother, and still see her in myself and the way she has influenced me to be who I am today. What special gifts from a wonderful friend. I Thank you for stopping by to say hi! XO Christie

  7. This IS really extraordinay Dawn!!! your friend Tricia has made the most exotic and wonderful things for you to enjoy and your Princess T looks soooooo lovely in that hat and the tules!!!!
    Have to go to Tricia´s blog.
    sending you lots of hugs and thanking you for sharing a lovely moment

  8. Hi Dawn!
    I have to say that as lovely and magnificent as all of your incredible treasure are - nothing can compare to the beauty of you and Princess T!! You two are truly exquiite!

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post and for stopping by Concetta's Cafe! Please visit again soon!


  9. Oh Dawn.....your creation is over the moon gorgeous. You look so very lovely in Tricia's creation.....and you pics are making me swoon.



  10. That is truly one of the most fabulous hats I've ever seen!! Absolutely perfect for a Mad Hatter tea party!! What an amazing blessing to receive such lovely gifts from obviously the dearest and most talented of friends! *swoons* is right! And Princess T is displaying it with much aplomb! *winks* Vanna

  11. Hi Dawn! Thank you so much for coming over and leaving the nicest comments all over my blog!!! You are very sweet and I enjoyed reading all of them!
    Obviously someone else things your pretty wonderful too!! I just "met" Tricia during the Where Bloggers Create party and was blown away by her talent!! How very lucky you are to own one of her beautiful creations!! Have a wonderful weekend my new friend!!

  12. What a stunning gift. I love big floppy hats and trinkets and treasures. I would be so touched to receive such a magical little package. Your blog is so inspiring and so are all the images you post. I love when people live every moment of every day surrounded by beauty and magic.... and I like that you encourage people to live uninhibited no mater how Boheme or theatrical it may seem :)

    With love,

  13. You and your G-daughter must have the best time ever together. There is nothing like a good tea party memory. I love your Bohemian attitude! Thank you so much for passing by and your kind words.


  14. Hi Dawn,
    thanks for visiting me and for your lovely comment. Enjoy your French lavender ;) It must be wonderful. I remember visiting Provence during summertime, and those amazing lavender fields... aaah. Be still my heart!
    What an incredible hat!! And you and your precious girl are so cute with your hats on!
    Have a great weekend,
    Monica x


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