Thursday, July 14, 2011

Antiques On Camelback

While my Brother was still in Town we both needed to 'get away' from the Hospital setting and lose ourselves in something soothing for a few moments of each day spent during the vigil at Mom's Bedside.

Since we both are Junquers Extraordinaire enjoying the Thrill Of The Hunt, whether to discover a Found Treasure to Score or simply Photograph it... and enjoy a good meal, that often meant finding a new delightful place to browse or eat around the Hospital's neighborhood downtown.  We discovered such a place at ANTIQUES ON CAMELBACK , Owner Stace has an amazing space in which Dealers can display their fabulous wares and Suzan was hospitable and happy to introduce us to many of them and allow me to Photograph Booths for a Blog Shout-Out.  I Love meeting the Dealers and Artists whose Treasures I adore, connecting and hearing the provenance or inspiration of the pieces offered.  After all, those who are selling it are very often Kindred Spirits of those who are acquiring it and admiring it.  Art and Collecting in it's many forms is a bond that is quite unexlainable to those who aren't interested in either... but unites those of us who are.

Naturally I gravitated to the Fabrics and Persian Rugs & Kilims *winks*... but there was SO much more!  I confess I was a bit intimidated taking my amateur Photos in front of the Bro', who is a retired Hollywood Professional Photographer of amazing Talent *no Brag, just Fact... okay, so maybe a little Brag about my Beloved Little Bro', Winks*  So imagine my delight when I received the ultimate and most unexpected compliment from him.  Apparently he's been visiting my little Blog Space and critiquing my Artistic expression here and he was impressed!!!  He told me I take pretty good Photos!!!  That meant a lot to me my Friends because he's really good at that particular Art Form... amazing in fact and has enjoyed much success at it.  I could only Hope to become as adept at capturing my World through the eyes of the lens... and I'm enjoying showing you my World through my eyes in a Photographic Journey here.  Photography is an Art that really does cause you to SEE the World around you much more appreciatively.

Now see those lovely Antique Photo Frames that swing on their Bases?  I've never before 'noticed' those styles of frames until recently... and guess why?  The other day I came Home from the Hospital to find a fabulous Trio of them sitting on the Bistro Table beside my front door... an anonymous "Gift" from someone unknown and I was absolutely delighted and touched by the gesture.  So of coarse I noticed them in this Dealer's Booth since they are so very much like the ones I was Gifted with!  My Hope is that I might discover who the Secret Giver is... but sometimes the Anonymity of Giving is what brings the most Joy to the Giver and I will respect that since I have enjoyed doing that too, there is something very special and particularly Joyful about Giving without any recognition or revealing of yourself.

So my Friends, if you find yourselves in the downtown Metro Phoenix region, stop by ANTIQUES ON CAMELBACK and indulge your senses and enjoy the Thrill Of The Hunt... tell them Dawn sent you... and while you're happily browsing and soaking it all in, we might just bump into each other...

Dawn... The Bohemian 


  1. Awww that had to feel great coming from your brother! Did he take any shots per chance? You should have him host a blog post for ya *winks*
    And how lovely of someone to drop off old picture frames for you! Now I'd love to have one of those secret friends! Lol! Vanna

  2. Ms. B. I know how you love those Oriental rugs. I also see in this post a lot of glass Victorian eggs. I want them. Hope you are staying cool. We are having your hot temp. here in Missouri. Love, Richard from, My Old Historic House

  3. Oh Dawn I hope your mom is better and what a lovely gift and lovely way to give it.
    Love this antique shop, will have to check it out next time in town
    Blessings to you.

  4. Looks like they had amazing things...I too love old persian and prayer rugs.


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