Friday, July 1, 2011

Evolution Of A Home

Our Home is in a constant state of Evolution... always evolving, changing, transforming.  The Evolution of a Home is never quite complete, it continues indefinitely as we experience changes, exposure to different Styles and things, seasons of Life, influences, inspiration, necessity... it is a reflection after all of those who reside there.

I can't say that our Home looks even remotely similar to how it did a decade ago or even just a few years ago... or that it will resemble the Home it will evolve into in the Future.  And thats okay and rather exciting really, the evolution process can be quite mysterious and take us in directions we don't necessarily plan or expect... it's a Journey with no set destination.

  I find that I can be drawn to different things at different times... and some things have remained a constant... but many others come and go.  I have some core Passions that abide and those special pieces that I will very likely not part with.  Everything else is subject to change without notice. 

I am quite often drawn to an eclectic mix of Style, Form and Function simultaneously... which lends itself well to Bohemian Style, which is no one particular thing or look.  My Vintage French Feedsack Pillows sit beside Antique Belgian Velvet Pillows and Exotic Kilim covered Pillows.  I will blend Vintage Beach, Shabby Chic and Hippie Couture with French Country, Industrial Salvage and Exotic Boheme'... with some Funky Victoriana thrown in for good measure. *Winks*  I refuse to play by any Styling 'rules', I never have and I probably never will because I don't care to acknowledge that there has to be any rules to feathing your own Nest.  Who makes these alleged 'rules' anyway? *winks* It should distinctly reflect who YOU are and what YOU Love... without needing the approval of those who don't even reside there, that's absurd! *Smiles* 

And if your Loves, tastes and preferences change, evolve and transform over time... so will your Home evolve to reflect that.  It can happen subtly, gradually, or in profound ways.  Start from scratch or just add to what you have, it's all good.  Or it can remain the same if what you enjoy still brings you Joy and contentment 'as is'.

I always get a kick out of those Designer and House Hunter reality shows where someone will walk into a space and condescendingly say that it's 'dated'... because frankly I don't place an 'expiration date' on what I like or Love surrounding myself with.  Perhaps the previous owner loved the era or the look that they chose to maintain in that space... and if you don't certainly it's okay to change it to suit your own tastes and preferences without feeling 'superior to' what someone else preferred... to each his own I always say.  I can certainly appreciate that what I am drawn to may be vastly different than someone else... and not feel a need to critique their sense of Style and preferred atmosphere. I think it is wonderful that each Home is distinctive and reflects the personality and Style of its residents.  My Hope is that they boldly and confidently follow their own instincts when creating their personal space and allow the Evolution of their Home to take them where ever it may lead...

Dawn... The Bohemian 

*All beautiful images photographed at NOT TOO SHABBY in Phoenix, AZ*


  1. Wow! What a place! Love the rocking chair :)
    Have a nice weekend :) Grete

  2. DAWN!!! You won 4th place in my Mad Catter Tea Party give away! Hopefully there is still a prize left over that you (or princess T) would like.
    I am so happy you won something as I think you are just terrific! Let me know what your first, secoond, third and fourth choices and where you would like me to send it.
    Lots of love,
    Tricia (aka Aunt Thelma of the many kitties...)

  3. Hi Dawn
    I agree, my house certainly changes but I do find some things I am pretty constant on. There are some things I just never get tired of. I do think the more classic designs never get out dated and have better staying power.
    Have a wonderful fourth
    PS Karen took me to that shop and I loved it


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