Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tea And Scones... And A Little Bit French

It was time once again to make a trek to a couple of my fav Shops to procure Tea and Scones...

Beautiful Henna Mendhi by Tuliza Makini & cribbed from CHAKRA 4 site.

So after we get everything Home there is the fun of choosing which Teas to brew while we savor our fresh Lingonberry Scones...

We just love the names of many of the Teas...

And they ALL taste as good as you could possibly imagine...

The G-Kids were leaning towards the more innovative named Teas...

And Gramma was leaning towards one that might have fringe benefits!?! *Winks*  Okay so I'd have to drink massive amounts to become sleek and slender... but ya gotta start somewhere, right? *LOL*

And I think this favorite White Diner Teacup is perfect for my White Wednesday entry over at FADED CHARM for Kathleen's Blog Party!

And of coarse there are virtually NO cals in gigantic lucious Scones, right???
Yes, now you can see how conflicted and contradictory my Life becomes... *Smiles* Drinking 'Sleek & Slender' Tea while knoshing on gargantuan & rich Scones... *le sigh*

But to sit down to a lovely cup of freshly brewed Tea, a mouthwatering Scone and a good Book or Magazine is simply Heaven On Earth my Friends...
Bon Appetit...

I have also linked up with THE FRENCH CUPBOARD for "Viola! French Inspiration" Blog Party where you can show or be inspired by anything French... I find French Decor, Style and Fashion to be particularly swoonworthy... and my favorite French pieces are the Vintage Enamelware... French Body Pitchers particularly and I've been fortunate enough to collect a few over the years.  

And what French Enamelware am I still lusting after and have yet to acquire you might ask?  A set of French Enamelware Canisters... I've come close... and at a recent Flea Market I found a lovely set...

 But alas, they were slightly out of my budget and non-negotiable... *stamping foot petulantly*... so that elusive set is still somewhere out there waiting upon me to discover them... and the Thrill Of The Hunt continues...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hi Dawn.....haven't been downtown in quite a while....but next time I go I plan on checking this out. I used to go to that Trader Joe's all the time when I lived close by it.



  2. Ok.. where oh where do you find these tea's? Do you make them? Do they really help cleanse your chakra's????
    Love this!

  3. HEllo Dawn! I agree - tea, scones and a good mag are just heavenly. Thanks for your sweet visit to my blog.
    Take care,

  4. Dawn, being from that area originally, I recognize that fountain! Do you ever go to My Sister's Closet?? I love that place!
    PS. I'm in the process of trying to buy a... trailer!!! It's not an Airstream or anything, but keep your fingers crossed for me, please!


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