Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shopping For Images Through The Eye Of The Lens... Not Too Shabby

We're continuing The Lengthy Grief Therapy Tour through NOT TOO SHABBY  and I'm quite certain The Man is probably relieved that I've taken up the Hobby and Art of Photography so that I'm now mostly Shopping for Images through the eye of the lens to share here in the Land Of Blog rather than actual Retail Therapy Shopping! *Winks*  I'm finding it deeply satisfying to just Photograph items that otherwise I'd  be tempted to buy, would Love to own, but cannot or should not right now... or perhaps ever... or wouldn't have a place for... or isn't the Style I'm decorating in right now but which captivates and intrigues me regardless.  I feel somewhat like a Journalist of sorts seeking out that next Story to relay and write about with images to go along with the random musings of my Life, my Loves and my Community.  Or what I've discovered via the vastness of cyberspace that I'm excited to pass on to others and share...

I also know how much hard work it entails that my Friends who own Shops and do the Show Circuit spend countless hours at.  Seeking out and bringing us the Beautiful Found Treasures and Hot items that are the current desires of those who decorate and collect. Creating the fabulous Vignettes that are an Art Form in and of themselves and should be captured as Still Life through the eye of the lens so that many can enjoy the fruits of their Labor and those images are not fleeting but preserved to enjoy again and again long after the display is gone and the items have moved on to new Homes!  Promoting our local individually owned and specialty small Businesses that we Love to shop at and offer so much more in the way of OOAK and personalized finds with Character and History than the mega retail chains and mass produced pieces ever could.  Hey, you might run into someone you know working at a chain store but the Hospitality of Small Business is sorely lacking in the way modern retailers and conglomerates are geared to serve the public and churn out their wares cheaply and in mass quantities.

So if you're enjoying my Grief Therapy Tour around Town and my recent score of images I shopped for through the eye of the lens at NOT TOO SHABBY... come back tomorrow... and I've STILL got the Special Reveal coming up that Kim and Katie are going to Wow us with this Summer... and I'm so thankful Kim graciously allowed me to spend hours restoring my Soul and Spirit during a difficult time... while photographing their fabulous Shop and consoling me like only Friends who care can...

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. I'm sorry that you're grieving, but I sure am enjoying your grief therapy! Keep up the good work!

  2. These pictures look like a candy store to me...
    Hope you are doing well
    Fine evening


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