Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Lookin'... As The Edit & Purge Continues...

Finding exquisite items at my fav Shops to photograph and share in Posts has kept me balanced while I continue this edit and purge project and process.  Mostly because my Home is in complete disarray as I go through everything... sorting... deciding... loading... cleaning... re-arranging. Expending energy because right now I need to... and not just due to the cluttered chaos and deferred maintenance issues I'm presently confronting with gusto and a determined focus...

I admit, though difficult, it has been a welcome distraction... one that needed to be addressed and yet I hadn't made much headway on until faced with other Life issues that I have very little or no control over.  Still dealing with some Family Health issues and in particular the special needs of the G-Kids... which can be quite a battle to receive Services needed and required.  So the distraction of lots of physical labor and a large Project that I can control has been a way to release negative energy, pent up emotion and frustration in a more appropriate manner.  You see, when advocating for my Loved ones, it can bring out a fierceness in me that I must manage and use for the greater good and not go completely sideways or out of the bag when dealing with the red tape, the formalities, bureaucracy,  bias, battles and indifference you often encounter when qualifying for special services and dealing with various agencies for the disabled, the infirm, the elderly, the most vulnerable.  I want to believe in a perfect world that everyone has your best interest at heart and will deal compassionately and mercifully with those who are struggling with special needs and disabilities or serious health concerns and those caring for them.  But the reality is that not everyone is in your corner and the bottom line always puts 'cost' as the ultimate priority above the individual or the need.  In these trying economic times there is only so much help to go around and huge cuts have been made in services to the most vulnerable... so you really have to wage war to receive adequate help or any help at all for that matter... and I can be very militant about standing up for those I Love and ensuring they are not neglected or disqualified on services they should be receiving and qualify for.  I admit I'm battle weary... and I know what I'm up against because we've been down this road before... so we're Veterans in the process... so I've shed more than a few tears and suppressed more anger and outrage than is probably healthy...  which has at least kept me off the local News as the Gramma that went Postal trying to obtain necessary Services for Loved Ones... *Winks*...  But I'm not a quiet, docile one who can be intimidated or pushed around and there are circumstances when it's time to roll up the doormat and make it a club!!! *Smiles*

So... the process of editing and purging my stuff has been therapeutic really... I can get as radical with that process as I want to be. *Winks*  And in doing so, hold it together for the other processes and stay strong, stoic and unyielding... it's times like these that I like to channel the sage advice and upbringing of my Dear departed Dad and go old school Apache on whoever chooses to be my adversary. *LOL*  There's an old saying that goes: You can fight an Apache all day long and never see one.  What I'm fighting for is worth its weight in Gold to me you see... these Babies are going to receive the very best Gramma & Grandpa can manage... at any cost, no holds barred, this is one fight I aim to win or die trying... and there's still plenty of fight left in this ole' Gal... I'm weary but not defeated... and it would be a mistake to underestimate me when I'm protecting and advocating for my Precious Ones.

And so... I'm just lookin'... and allowing the Beauty to infiltrate my senses so that I don't become too hardened or off center... staying balanced... staying in the fruits of the Spirit regardless of what I must deal with in the World and the injustices thereof... because though there are battles, my preference is to still do the right thing... which isn't always the easy thing... but I know I'm not standing alone and the Lord He is always with us and will ultimately provide and be our Source... in spite of all the barriers that would try to have us believe otherwise...

Yes, though WAY out of my budget, this piece I have a special fondness for on a Spiritual level... so I like to 'visit' it regularly and enjoy capturing the essence through the lens...

And I want to Thank each and every Supporter in the Blogasphere for your encouraging Words, Prayers and Friendship through the many topics shared in my Blogging Journal and Journey... it means more than you could ever know... 

Dawn... The Bohemian

*All of the beautiful Treasures I was Just Lookin' at and Photographing to share in this Post were available at ANTIQUE GATHERINGS in Phoenix, Arizona*


  1. (((Dawn))) -- It sounds like you are battling on a number of different fronts. Be sure to take some time for yourself. Come read my post today about underwear -- I hope it might give you a giggle. :)

  2. sending you AND your grandkids a hug!

  3. Oh those rugs and all those lush fabrics are divine!
    x Suzy


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