Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Thoughts... Lovely Visuals

Even though the visuals were lovely, the topic of the last Post was rather heavy and dark, so I want to move past it quickly... and on to happy thoughts along with the lovely visuals that match up.  I'd envisioned a Blog that mostly dealt with the positives and not the negatives in my Life, a refuge from the storms.  So though a venting or a rant and rave every so often is helpful and I'll do it from time to time as I feel the need to, I prefer to keep this space light, enjoyable, inspiring and refreshing... for myself and for any visitors.  I always Hope it is a place you can look forward to coming to visit and sharing time together virtually... not a place to feel or be burdened by the issues of Life.  

So this evening as I'm spending time composing tomorrow's Post... this one... I'm focusing on the positives and indulging myself with the lovely visuals captured on previous window shopping trips to some of my favorite Shops like SIRENS AND SAINTS or NOT TOO SHABBY, where the majority of the lovely visuals above were photographed.   And a few little Shops I don't visit very often and can't always remember the names of, but every so often I find a unique Treasure at or a lovely vignette to share. 

 I enjoy finding new places to scavenge and Treasure Hunt don't you?  I especially enjoy the Antique Malls where a variety of Vendors display their wares... the variety can be all over the spectrum, a little something for everyone and more like a Flea Market, where you never quite know what to expect... and in and of itself that is a bit thrilling when you're picking through an array of merchandise.  Some of my fav finds have often been in the most unlikely of places... maybe an Antique Treasure or lovely piece of Architectural Salvage sitting right next to a Darth Vader Head! *Winks*  Yes, there are those times I feel more like a purist and enjoy those Shops that have so much of MY preferred Treasures that I'm saturated with possibilities and longings... but I NEVER discount the more eclectic venues to seek out a potential 'score'... I'm up for wading through junk that doesn't move me to find Junque of the OMG ilk that sets my pulse racing! *Winks*  Even if I don't find anything I find the process of Junquing to be an enjoyable past-time... kind of like those Deep Sea Treasure Seekers that set out on the Ocean time and time again hoping to find that lost shipwreck full of buried Treasures.  Or the Prospector waiting to discover Gold in them thar Hills!  The lure of hitting the Mother Lode keeps them going... and we're not so different, those of us who enjoy the Thrill Of The Hunt in our own way.

Happy Hunting my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sooooo many gorgeous things and beautiful treasures!!!!! so many things to spend money on HI! HI! ;)
    lovely photos!
    happy day,

  2. Dawn, I was worried as you were gearing yourself up for your ordeal -- but it sounds as if things went well, and that you were as good as you wanted to be. I'm glad.


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