Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Garland Of Roses

Well, I don't have any of it yet, not even one coveted piece... and perhaps I never will... but I must say that my fav enamelware design by far would be the Vintage Garland Of Roses French Enamelware Set.  I have a fondness for enamelware in general, its useful, sturdy and it used to be inexpensive... well, until it surged in popularity as a collectible that is.  I'm thankful I procured most of my enamelware when it was utilitarian and reasonably priced, I've had many pieces for years so they weren't necessarily Vintage when I first got them. *Winks*  Yep, I've lived long enough now that many things from previous eras I lived are now considered Vintage... and many things from the eras my Mom lived are now considered Antiques... we kinda get a kick out of that actually. *LOL*

I've been jonesin' for the Vintage Garland Of Roses pieces for what seems like an eternity, way before it surged in popularity... though I do believe the desirability of such a beautiful design was probably always higher than usual... the canister set in particular... and a few times over the years I've found it for Sale... but so far not within my budget.  Do you ever Hope that something you've been fond of for a very long time will eventually lose it's appeal to the masses and the Collectors just so that you can afford it or get a chance at it? *Smiles*  Because if you don't happen to luck out and procure it before the hysteria about it hits, then chances are, unless you save your pennies for a very long time... AND get lucky... it might be on your Wish List forever-and-a-day... *le sigh*

Now... on the other hand... there is a flip side to the "next thing"... when you have something that you owned BEFORE everybody else began wanting it... and you are ready to part with it... and cha-ching you almost can't believe how much you were able to profit off of it!!! *Winks*  So I suppose it's all a matter of perspective really... whether you're buying... selling... keeping... investing...
Because after all, at the end of the day, something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it...

My Hope is that you've 'scored' those coveted pieces near and dear to your Heart... without breaking the Bank... *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian

*Darn it... all lovely images of these coveted pieces had to be cribbed from cyberspace... though I would LOVE one day to be able to capture some pieces that I manage to own through the lens of my own camera... ah, well, perhaps one day...* 


  1. Dawn
    the treasures that you share are always so amazing. I could not get over that plastered brick wall in one of your previous post. I almost passed out, simply beautiful!!

    Have a great week my friend

  2. Hola Dawn, I have seen at ebay or other places the prices of enamelware and I think that I could be very, very rich if I sell all my collection.. They used to be not expensive at all when I started collecting them and some weeks ago I have paid way too much for a whole set of beautiful roses on white enamelware. I have an online little shop and have been selling some mostly here in chile and sadly when I sent two beautiful one of a kind pitchers they got lost and never got to New Zeland and I had to give the money back, I have lost them for ever!!!
    hugs my dear

  3. Hi Dawn.. such pretty enamel pieces.. makes us regret we don't still have all that once belonged to our grandmothers..

    Have a lovely day.. ciao xxx Julie

  4. Hmmm I tend to look for bits that are in my price range like the Ridgeway Homemaker set of crockery that I love. I think it's good to have something to aim for in my collecting though and cameras are usually what I hanker for!


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