Sunday, May 1, 2011

Eclectic Tastes

I freely admit and recognize that I have very eclectic tastes, so many varied things appeal to me and they may have vastly different intrinsic values.  There are things I adore that may only appeal to a select few kindred Spirits and leave others shaking their heads in dismay. *winks*  And that's okay, I Love what I Love, and it really is a matter of beauty being in the eye of the beholder.

There are things that I can admire but I'd never have the hankering to possess... there are other things I simply lust after and find irresistable and are very hard for me to resist or have a longing to acquire some day.  Even if I already have one, if I really adore it, two or more would be better, right? *LOL*  I have to really resist particular items... especially those I see at Auction that are items that are a weakness and hand-made OOAK works of Art such as Antique Persian Carpets and early Magnolia Pearl Bags... but alas, are not the right time to bid upon and so resist I must... but if money were no object... I'd be all over it and there'd be a bidding war going on for sure! *Winks*  So those of you who adore a good E-Bay Score and share similar eclectic tastes as yours truly should perhaps be grateful that I very often have to pass and just visually lust after said items... *sob... LOL*

And then there are those things that only appeal to me for a Season and then I'm totally done with it and have no trouble moving on because my interest has waned and the appeal is fleeting.  And I'm thankful that some of you are the same way in this respect and therefore I can discover my next great Found Treasure that someone else was done with and now it can find a new Home with moi! *Smiles*

I've never been very trendy or faddish, because if I don't Love it I would never wear or decorate with it no matter how popular it is at the moment... and if something becomes too common I am likely to find some way to personalize it and make it more unique and appealing to me on a personal level, personalizing it to suit me in a more distinctive way. If every other person has one then I do find myself rather bored and disinterested, if only because of overexposure of a particular thing.  Mass produced items may be less expensive, but ideally I'd rather save my pennies and get a OOAK creation instead.  I'm more apt, in the case of the mass produced, to wait until a fad has passed and THEN decide to acquire an item that I might have been drawn to in some mystical way but just didn't want it when it was in it's heyday and you saw it saturating the market.  Maybe that's quirky, but at my core I've always preferred that which is different, unique, bold enough to stand out and have distinct character that sets it apart.  That goes for peeps as well, I've always found that those who march to the beat of a different drummer always seem to have a great interesting story behind their lives to tell that fascinates me and I want to hear and can certainly connect to on so many levels.

And there are those particular things that I feel I may always be drawn to so strongly that I feel a lifelong connection to them... those are the things that abide and I don't mind investing in even if it's sacrificial because I shall never grow tired of them, they will never lose their luster or appeal to me, and I shall cherish and treasure them forever... even if nobody else does...

Do you find yourselves gravitating towards something quite specific... or are your tastes very flexible and varied, changing often in an evolution of sorts? I guess I just have too many Loves to narrow it down to any one or even a few things or particular Style... and I do find that I'm always evolving in my tastes and vision for the moment... and its subject to change without notice... because that's how I roll... how about you?

Dawn... The Bohemian

*Some images cribbed from E-Bay Auctions and FLICKR... some photos taken at RUST & ROSES, MELROSE VINTAGE, SIRENS & SAINTS and NOT TOO SHABBY Boutiques in Phoenix, Arizona... and some taken at the ole Bohemian Homestead *Winks*


  1. I do gravitate toward specific things -- I have a friend who has had a serious bead collection for a long time, and she has a crucifix and beads in like Venetian glass or enamel that's from the 1600's, I think . . . oh I lust after that . . .

  2. Boy Dawn do I relate!! When I listed the things I love for my blog I had to shorten the list cause it went on and on and on! Sometimes I have felt that I'm a bit scattered but... no matter. These are the things that make my heart sing. And as always your blog is one of those things,

  3. Thanks Dawn for the nice comment, you have such a way with words......and I always find myself smiling after you visit my blog. I loved the photo of you with tiara......have you decided if you NEED that yet? I think you and I are a bit of kindred spirit, your post today sounded so much like me I could have written it. Well.....if I had your gift for words that is!! Take care friend.

  4. I'm extremely eclectic--there are so many interesting things in this world!

  5. I roll like you do, Dawn! I'm all over the place! And I find that if I love living with something, then I'm just sure I'd love living with more of them! As a result, I have Three trunks in my living room! Haha

  6. First let me say that bag is TDF!!
    Secondly I can't tell where you house ends and the shops begin except for little Rat Boy! *winks* I always love all your eye candy! And I swear you have some of the best shops I've ever seen!
    Funny for as long as I can remember I've had an obsession with anything that looks as if it came from an 18th century chateau in France. Just thinking about my love for France makes me feel weepy! If I believed in reincarnation I'd swear I must've been French in a former life *winks* .....So to make a long story longer...I don't buy into many trends, but once in a while one will bite me in the hiney like metal crowns (made in China *sighs*) or faux antique burlap frenchy pillows. Vanna


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