Thursday, May 5, 2011

As Spring Cleaning Continues...

As Spring Cleaning continues there's a 'Rediscovering' of sorts... of cherished things put away or forgotten that I haven't seen in a very long time...

Things that evoke powerful Memories... such as this old faded photo of my Nanna and I... taken in the very early 70's when she came all the way from North Wales for her first ever visit to America...

Nanna was Bohemian and Glam when it wasn't even the norm to be... she was a Stage Actress in the Theatre, before Television, and a Dancer, an original Flapper Girl... she even got Married in a Flapper Style Dress and Pea-hat... and an extraordinary progressive Woman way ahead of her time... an excellent role Model to be a well educated, strong, independant Woman in any era and at any age... quite a feat for a Woman born well over a 100 years ago...

And there's the moving around of newly acquired Treasures to just the right spot...

And deciding to let some things just 'be' as they are... at least for now...

Rediscovering small Treasures from Trips to the Beach... and Flea Markets from afar... 

Also discovering that every window in this ole' House is ready for a good Spring Cleaning... *LOL*
No, that's not a Photoshop special effect blurring and softening the view out the window... that's just a very dirty window!!! *Smiles*
A Domestic goddess I am NOT...

There's the redistribution and rotation of the Rosaries around the House... they are my favorite accents when decorating and I love showcasing my vast collection of them here and there in vignettes and draping them just about anywhere...

And then, after we're done for the day... there are the well deserved naps... because after all, Rat Boy finds it quite exhausting to Supervise Mama as I clean ... it's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it... *Winks*

Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Hey girl.....way to rock The 70's!!

  2. Your aunt sounds awesome! Urgh - spring cleaning - I guess I should do mine at some point :(

  3. How wonderful that you still have that photo with your Nanna! And I love the sleeping kitty cat picture!

  4. Everyone should have a "supervisor" like that when in the midst of cleaning. =^..^=

  5. Good afternoon Dawn....what a beautiful pic of you and your mom you shared with us. She sounded like an amazing woman....I, too, have been spring cleaning and have stirred up LOT OF MEMORIES. I think that happens more as we get a little noticed I said "a little". LOL

    Have a wonderful Cinco de Mayo,


  6. What a cool Nana to have! Cool pic of you two Dawn. Hmmm I definitely need to do some spring cleaning...well more whole year-O-crap and doin' nothing cleaning *winks* I'm also NOT a domestic goddess *sighs* Anyhoo I'm hoping that some wonderful long forgotten treasure will pop up at my house too. *winks* Vanna


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