Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Unveiling Of Sirens & Saints Traveling Dream

When Shelly Session and Minnie Knell do anything, the attention to detail and hard work are always evident and blow you away.  I knew they'd been lovingly making over a Sirens And Saints Traveling Dream Machine out of a ruin of a Travel Trailer for several months now... and though I knew it would be fabulous, I wasn't at all prepared for how blown away we would all be at the unveiling of the Sirens and Saints Traveling Dream this weekend at the Street Fair!  Shelly said they aren't yet completely finished with the make-over but OMG, seriously it took our breath away and my photos don't even begin to do it justice... it is amazing and very Magnolia Pearlish but with the Girls' distinctive fun touch such as a Vintage Ouija Board, Exotic Animal prints mixed with Vintage Italian cut Velvet and Religious Tapestries, an Arizona Steer Skull adorned with Rosaries... and I'm loving the Southwestern-Francophile Gypsy vibe!!!  I could totally see myself in such Bohemian Mobile splendor... me standing in the doorway pretending & fantasizing it's mine... BFF peeking out and I know she was also pretending & fantasizing about us taking long road trips amid such Boheme splendor as we criss crossed the Country! *winks* My Grandson was loving it too... and of coarse we had to drag The Man over to see this vision come to Life... just so he'd know how much work we have in mind for him when he finally scores my Shepherder's Wagon, Gypsy Vardo or Vintage Airstream to trick out! *LOL*  Shelly's DH had done a fabulous job of the restorative work to the Trailer... I had to include a couple of BEFORE pictures from the SIRENS AND SAINTS Blog just so you could fully appreciate all the hard work these three have poured into the transformation of this Trailer and the creation of fulfilling a vision of what it was going to be... 

BEFORE Images cribbed from SIRENS & SAINTS Blog

Sure, it gave them a blank canvas to work with, which any Artist will tell you is both ideal and a special challenge coupled with A LOT of hard work, but a Vision and Dream you MUST have when you see Diamonds in the rough like this and envision something spectacular being the end result. I had no doubt you guys would pull it off in grand style... and you certainly didn't disappoint... and I'm so very happy for you realizing your Traveling Dream come true!  Thanks for allowing us to be a part of the experience this weekend, it was as always, such a Joy to spend time together!  Shelly, as always you looked amazing... and dear Minnie, sorry I didn't get a shot of you too because you always Rock it GF, but I saw how crazy busy you were and we didn't run into you again before we had to leave for the other event... Love you Gals!!!  I'll be doing a Post of the Gals Shops RUST AND ROSES and SIRENS AND SAINTS and even more of their other fab creations too... so stay tuned for more creative genius to come from the Gals... as well as future Posts of the other Artists, Shops, fun and scores the BFF and I spent this weekend enjoying at both events... Dawn... The Bohemian 

BTW: I got Gramma braggin' rights... My Grandson won a couple of Light Rail passes for him and Granpa... and collected a ton of freebies and Mardi Gras Beads at the Street Fair today... so it really was a day of scoring at the Fair for him too!  He's a chip off the ole' blocks... *winks* And for all of  you MP Bag Lovers... look what is up for auction on E-Bay!!! *Major Swoon*

Magnolia Pearl Bag Images Cribbed from E-Bay Auction


  1. I want this!!! I may have to buy a little trailer and turn it into a "crazy" cave myself...Hmmmm

  2. Your grandson is a cutie.

    I love, love, love this. What a magical place.

    I keep "dreaming" about my husband building me a little place for all my crafting, sewing, etc supplies. But now this has given me another idea. Find a little travel trailer and just use it.


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