Monday, March 21, 2011

Say Hello To My Little Scores... And A Slice Of Americana...

As promised we're rounding out the eye candy from Saturday's forray.  First say hello to my little scores that were scavenged from local Thrift Stores... a large bottle for my Holy Water for only a dollar!  And a trio of Precious Moments figurines that I got for $7 for the set!  I've been collecting Precious Moments since the 70's and oddly enough the first time I saw a photo of the Artist, Samuel Butcher, I thought it was my Bro or a Cousin, he looked SO much like my Mom's side of the Family it was eerie!!!  My Mom's Maiden Name is Butcher, so who knows... perhaps a distant relative??? Would that not be serendipity at it's best, to have gravitated to the Art of someone who turned out to be related some way!?! *smiles*  So... if Mr. Butcher happens to also be of Welsh decent... it's a distinct possibility!?!  Our oldest Daughter also collects Precious Moments so I joke that I'm working on her inheritance... *winks*  These three little Treasures only needed a good wash with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (which by the way is truly Magical because it will get ANY mark off of anything with ease) and they were good as new!  Though I photographed them 'pre-Bath' because I was just that excited at my Score! *winks* But, that's a tip peeps for getting those stubborn written Thrift Store grease pencil or magic marker pricings and sticker residue off of delicate Porcelain, China, Pottery, Crystal etc...

Now if any of you are fans of Americana there is a local Shop in Olde Town Glendale that you would be in Americana Valhalla at... THE APPLE TREE, take a gander at some of their Lovelies, they offer some beautiful Americana Antiques and Reproductions, specializing in Colonial and Country Furniture and Vintage Kitchen Items, as well as a line of fabulous smelling Rustic inspired Candles and personal pamperings.  I'm discovering these delightful wicker Shopping Carts everywhere lately and will be savings towards one because they are not only pretty and make for nice vignettes, but useful for Junquing and Flea Market forrays!  I also loved the Leather Tooling on the seat of that Vintage Chair and it was in amazing condition.

Carol over at COTTAGE GARDEN 1 also had stocked up on Easter and Spring decor... the Bird Houses and cute little fuzzy Chicks were particularly appealing to me.  And when I went over to A MAD HATTER ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES MALL   I fell in love with this Mannequin Head... she would showcase Jewelry Creations beautifully, though I would probably give her a new painted hairstyle, the face was perfect!  Alas, she was not within the budget... but one like her is mos-def on the 'Wish List' for Studio acquisitions in the future.  And I have the 'sister scene' of that Vintage Thatched Cottage print above the larger one!  Mine is the vertical print and would go nicely with that horizontal matching print... I wonder if Miss Cee Cee would consider parting with it??? *winks*  The hanging Tea Light Lanterns, though new, had a very Bohemian vibe to them and I loved the vast array of colors they came in... I could imagine hanging a collection of them from the Tree above my Gazebo, catching the Sunlight during the Day and flickering colorful Romantic hues during the Night by candlelight.  

I do Hope you've enjoyed going window shopping with me again my Friends... and I Hope I can recuperate quickly to be able to be out Junquing and Thrifting again real soon before I go into withdrawal... which is way worse suffering than any meager Brochitis Bug *winks*... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn I always love going virtual shopping with you. Great finds my friend! And I agree that magic eraser is da bomb! Sorry you're still not up to snuff, bronchitis sucks! I hope you're out-n-about soon. I also hope you get your trip to Vegas even if it is a little late. It's always a good time to go to Vegas! *winks* Vanna

  2. DANG !! You really, really scored. So many many to mention really...but I do have to say I am in love with the " pitiful bear "...I have one that has no eyes (yet)...and he is hairless like yours...that I call "pitiful bear"...are you selling him ?


  3. Great finds. I always like the pictures of all the things you see in shops, too.

  4. Everything is lovely...but those bright yellow chicks made me smile this morning. I need to find some to brighten up my home for Spring...a huge bowl of them would be perfect. Happy new week to you. xooxxo

  5. Hi Dawn, what great treasures you have! I especially like the birdhouse and the old teal colored watering can! Thanks for stopping by my blog again and leaving your oh so sweet thoughts!XO, Christie

  6. Thanks for sharing .I have been wanting to go to find other places to go.Being out here i been just going to Savers and Good Will then a friend of mine we go to Rust and Roses.As you know so cool place to go.Have a great day even though it is cloudy...Chickie


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