Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Package Arrived Today From France!

A package arrived today from France... I was quivering with excitement... I knew it was my Gipsy Bracelet from the Artist Ce'cile Balladino of ECLECTIC GIPSYLAND and I'm LOVING it!!!  Saints Medals galore, in a variety of vibrant sparkly enamel colors, so it has the best of what I Love... Spiritual Art, lots of color, sparkles, and Bohemian Gypsy excess... so very ME!!!  And to round out a very Gypsy inspired day The Man discovered a promising lead for my Traveling Studio... back in the Desert... on some acreage... is a little neglected Caravan Trailer... sitting forlornly amid a field of junk!  We wonder... could the Owner be convinced to negotiate a deal???  Hummmmmm... we'll have to wait and see...  could it possibly be the Bohemian Treasures Traveling Studio?  Or will we discover something else... oh the possibilities and the Thrill Of The Hunt... dontcha Love it!?!?!?!?! 

And in visiting ECLECTIC GIPSYLAND Blog I was introduced to another fabulously talented Bohemian Artist Severine Chauvet  ...  and totally blown away by her work and use of color and Style...

The above Mosaic images cribbed from ECLECTIC GIPSYLAND Blog

The work of this Artist is colorful and magnificent, visit her Face Book page to see more... and may your World be filled with Color and all of the Joy of Life... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh my, i am in love with your bracelet!

  2. hello, Waauw you've got a beautiful gipsy bracelet! And from France as well!
    I'm curious about your little van, which one that will be!Good luck! It's so cosy.
    The artist of the Gipsyland makes wonderful work!And I see flowers as well!

    regards janny.

  3. Dawn, your bracelet is gorgeous! I love Eclectic Gipsyland - she is a wonderful artist...and I'm crossing fingers and toes for you - that little caravan has your name all over it! Enjoy the rest of your week my friend x

  4. Oooohhhh love the bracelet! And I've got my fingers crossed that the darling trailer will be yours too! It's perfect! Those embroidered boots are absolutely killer! Me wanty bad! And YES I LOVE the hunt!! Vanna


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