Friday, March 11, 2011

My Anniversary Bouquet

Well, the entire household seems to be having a relapse of this dreadful Flu and so I'm logging way too much PC time... I mean, how much time can you spend languishing in bed doing nothing and feeling like death warmed over!?  I'm just not very good at doing nothing... nor Nursing other sickies back to health... so bored sick me + insomnia = me in front of the screen playing with photo editing... *winks*  And thinking upon things that uplift me and cheer me up while I feel dreadful physically...

It will very soon be our Anniversary, March 18th... The Man always gets me Roses... he knows how much I adore Flowers and Roses are a favorite.  He will usually look for the most unusual colored ones he can find and to be sure I've had some amazing colors of Roses over the many years of our Marriage.  This year he asked me to pick out my own bouquet while he was with me... he was gravitating towards a beautiful Yellow Rose with Orange edging and they were magnificent... but I was being drawn towards the pristine White Roses with tiny Purple Daisylike Flowers rather than Baby's Breath filler. I had this vignette in mind on the Mantle you see... with my Hobnail Milkglass Vase and Antique Blessed Virgin Statuary which is over 100 years old and draped with a favorite Fresh Water Pearl Rosary.  I also had a small Ice Blue Vaseline Glass Sundae Cup that would hold one of the Rosebuds... not intentionally, Princess T was a slight bit exhuberant hugging my bouquet as she 'helped' me carry them to the car you see and one broke off and I didn't want her to feel badly... so we pretended this was just what Gramma had in mind.  *Smiles*  And you know what, I liked it... sometimes those happy little 'accidents' can cause you to adapt, improvise and be even more creative with ideas to accomodate them... and isn't Life just full of such surprises that cause us to think outside of the box and make something Special out of our Surprises.  Or as Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work!" *Winks* We've been Married a very long time now and not everything we "planned" worked out... and some of the "unplanned" Surprises Life handed us have in the long run drawn us even closer and caused us to really value what is important and prioritize differently in the various Seasons, ebbs and flows of Life.   You can grow together or you can grow apart... the choice is yours you know... we are all a product of the choices we've made thus far in our Lives and I Pray that you always choose wisely my Friends... and even if you haven't at times... that's okay, each new Day brings a fresh start and new beginnings... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Happy Anniversary Honey... you're the best Husband, Son, Son-In-Law, Dad, Granpa and Great-Granpa... I Love you... Dawn ... The Bohemian  


  1. As long as there is love, roses fall at your feet!

  2. I am so sorry to hear that everyone had a relapse, but that sometimes happens. Speedy recovery for all.

    Happy Anniversary. I too love white roses.

  3. Oh Dawn the white roses and your vignette are beautiful! I'm so sorry you've had a relapse of the flu! I hope it goes away quickly so you can enjoy that anniversary day. Vanna


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