Monday, March 28, 2011

Last Days Of Sage

Why of coarse I went back, it was the last day of business... so directly after Church the BFF and I headed downtown to SAGEMe filled with Hope that some of the Treasures I'd left behind the day before might still be there waiting for me... the BFF with her Wish List and the Thrill of the Hunt Rush... you know that feeling... the one we live for! *winks*  I was relieved to see that a few things I'd had my eye on were thankfully still available so I scooped them up, absolutely tickled to get the OOAK Belt Buckle I LOVED, a totally Boheme' Gypsy Style Filigree Ring made with a Brazilian Coin by a 16 year old Artist *this kid has talent*... and of coarse some more Vintage Knobs. *LOL... can one ever have too many, I think not!? Smiles*  The BFF scored some beautiful Vintage Knobs too, several French Vintage Iron Finials and the most amazing pair of HUGE Victorian Corbels aged to perfection in a chippy Dove Gray and White that will perfectly match her decor at Home!!!  

We had so much fun visiting as well as shopping, laughing and trading stories with Kendra and took a walk down Memory Lane... reminiscing and looking at Kendra's Photos of SAGE taken over the years, it brought back so many fond memories of good times, crazy times, beautiful vignettes and displays, favorite pieces the Shop had over the years, and best of all the wonderful People who have been near and dear, Customers... Employees... Business Partners... memorable Artists... Friends.  Yeah, it has been a great run... and best of all... there will be a new Chapter... you will be able to find Kendra's beautiful Found Treasures offered at ANTIQUE GATHERINGS at 36th Street and Indian School Road in Phoenix *whoo hoo*... so, you KNOW where you will be finding me on the East Side during some of our Antiquing forrays for fabulous Found Treasures... see you soon Kendra and we'll break out the Wine and Celebrate *winks*... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Dawn~ looks like you had too much fun! I'll be out in AZ soon..and I am finding you! And that Gypsy Love song!

  2. I'm drooling over all these beauties! Glad to hear that some goodies on your wish list were still available. No, we can never have too many doorknobs; I can't pass those up. The jewelry is awesome. I had my eye on that triple stack of little drawers. Yummy!

  3. Dawn speaking of carpetbag orders, I was surfing ebay and came across this
    I thought it would be great for your purses? It ends pretty soon so I just thought I'd give ya a heads up *winks* Soooo pretty!
    OK I'll be right back, I'm going to soak yup the beauty of this post! Vanna

  4. Oh noooooo!! I could cry! What an amazing store. I think of all those you've shown Dawn, this one had more frenchy chandeliers and cool daybeds than any of the others! I'm dyin' here! Dang girl I think I would've cleaned em out and damned the consequences *winks* As always I LOVED the beauties you picked up! Now girlfriend you KNOW how I feel about little metal objects....I never thought of collecting old door handles but darned if that isn't going to stick with me! You a BADDDDD enabler for me! haha! Vanna

  5. P.S. Could you please remove that word/letter recognition? It takes me 20 hoops to leave a comment for you (and others as well) Those darn things drive me nuts! Vanna


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