Friday, March 25, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

These "Living" Organic Butter Lettuce have the root ball on them when you purchase them, after you've eaten most of the leaves, plant them, and they spring back to life... I harvest the leaves constantly for Salads and they get more lush with each trimming and are my fav Lettuce, so tender!  

I have allowed one of the Butter Lettuce to Flower so that it might set seed, we'll see!? I'm a novice Veggie Gardener so I'm in experimental mode...

These Lettuce were planted from seed and have practically taken over their Garden space... very hardy and survived several frosts that appeared to have killed them off, only to spring back to life again... the more I cut them for Salads, the healthier they grow and look!

Carrots weren't even planted this year so this must be a seed from last Season that delayed coming to life?  I'm delighted to be getting Lavender seedlings which I set seed for this year since purchased Lavender plants did not thrive long in the Desert... I know Basil from plants failed miserably, but Basil grown from seed thrived and is abundant, even setting seed for this Season!  It seems that if even the most tender non-native species of plants grows up after being conceived in a Desert environment it adapts better to the more harsh climate... the adaptability of Nature is awe inspiring!


All of the Citrus Trees are in full bloom, smelling Heavenly, can't wait for THAT Harvest!

I took a cue from Arizona Blogger Vanessa Valencia of A FANCIFUL TWIST who has the most amazing Pumpkin Patches on her property... so after Halloween and Thanksgiving were over I set all my unique store bought Pumpkins in the Garden to go through their life cycle, now some are sprouting and I'm Hoping to have a most amazing magical Pumpkin Vine Patch like Vanessa has near her Gypsy Vardo!?! *Fingers Crossed*  Pumpkin Vines look so lush and tropical, which in a Desert, that type of Greenery is coveted in a Garden... and the added bonus of having unique varieties of Pumpkins... makes it a win-win!

So... how does YOUR Garden grow my Friends?
Happy Spring
Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. The earth here is currently frozen.
    Say! Would you please send your address to

  2. Your garden looks so wonderful. We love eating salads, but I have never grown any lettuce. After seeing yours I may plant some next year.

  3. Hello dear garden certainly DOES NOT grow like yours. I don't plant anything to eat but an occasional garden is roses and flowers..I just might get enough courage yet to try something edible.


  4. dazzling...looks so lovely!! Gorgeous!! Now if only the snow here would melt so i could tell you...! hugs..beautiful post!

  5. I want lettuce like that. We eat lots of salads.

    i envy you all the things you have growing.

    I put a Burpee seed catalog on the table in front of hubby and asked him if he wanted to look at it. He said not really. Cause he knows I want him to plow a garden this year. We used to always have a big garden. Our summers get hot and he gets tired of the work involved.

    But I want tomatoes, corn, green beans. I love basil and cilantro. I usually put them in pots on the back patio.

  6. Oh garden doesn't grow. I just do not have the touch or the patience. I wish I did. I love that you planted the lettuce. I have eaten that lettuce...that is a great idea!


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