Thursday, March 10, 2011

Daily Rhythm Of Writing And Photography

I never imagined when I began Blogging that I'd actually come to look forward to the daily rhythm of Writing and Photography... but I do.  I've always loved to do both, but I never really focused upon doing either on a regular basis or for pure bliss and daily relaxation... now I do.   I never thought of sharing the things, people and places I love, my Art and activities in such a public forum or imagine that anyone would appreciate it or connect to it like they have here in the Land Of Blog... and I'm glad I did.  It would be an understatement to say I enjoy every aspect of this experience in a way that I never imagined or initially intended.  Whether I'm Writing about or Photographing our Home and Gardens... Collections... Junquing Scores... favorite Shops... Food... Nature... Events or Loved Ones... I am able to express myself freely and creatively in areas that are important and enjoyable to me. To connect with like-minded Souls and establish new Friendships and receive daily inspiration and encouragement has been priceless.  To give me reasons to write every day and explore the Artistic medium of Photography and the World around me through the eyes of that lens.  It really has been a time of reflection and self discovery... I see it evolving constantly, naturally and effortlessly and that is rather exciting.  I don't know where it is going exactly and so it is like a great adventure and Journey... because the topics, the stories and even the images seem to flow without an intentional Plan, motive or agenda... just Bliss, pure and simple.  Affirming that the best things in life really are free and often come from the most unexpected sources... or from within if you search yourself deeply enough and discover hidden gifts and passions just waiting to be released and set free to "be"!!!  I just take my camera with me or keep it handy to capture images and inspiration randomly and spontaneously.  Letting the words, musings and the thoughts flow freely each evening as they will.  Enjoying the creative process and what it always does to provide such fulfillment and Joy. Allowing the images and the words to match up like a blind date of sorts that somehow works out well enough that I can sit back and enjoy what I have created and Hope that others will enjoy it too... and isn't that what Art is about after all... Dawn... The Bohemian

*Shop images were taken at RUST AND ROSES in Phoenix*

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  1. Beautiful post Dawn...I feel the exact same way. It is an expression of yourself everything you write about and photograph, and the process itself is what gives such pleasure and a sense of creativity. And yes, that is indeed art x


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