Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cottage Gardens Spring Bling

You may be surprised to learn that I didn't always have a passion for Bling... traditional style Jewels just never did it for me you see. Even though in my Youth I worked in a fine upscale Jewelry Store and had access to some of the finest Jewelry, most of it custom made by exceptional Jewelry Designers, I only had a few pieces made for me during that Chapter of my Life.  They were great pieces, but I found I didn't wear them as often as I probably should have... and when I had a robbery and lost them all... though it was certainly a violation to have them stolen, I cannot say I grieved long over the loss of valuable pieces I rarely wore.  But I always loved my Mom's oversized and quirky Bohemian Jewelry though... not only for the sentimental value and outrageous Boheme' uniqueness of each piece... but because it was really "Me" and I loved wearing it.  I also wore a lot of Hippie Jewelry in the 60's and 70's... my taste in Bling was definitely on the Bohemian side regardless of market value, investment value or social popularity of a piece or an Artist.  And so it is with great excitement that I'm seeing so many Artists now creating the Styles of Jewelry that I just adore and want to acquire and wear daily... AT LAST!!!  Before I always had to either make my own Jewelry or scour the Flea Markets, Thrift Stores and Estate Sales for someone's dead Grandma's stash of Vintage Bohemian Bling. *Morbid but true! LOL*  And pickings could sometimes be slim and you had to get whatever was available, when it became available, not a lot of choice or control over how your Bling Accessories collection grew... more the luck of the draw. Though because it was never all that popular I could always count on a great price when I could find favored pieces I still longed to find Artists that created MY type of Jewelry... and I'm delighted that now it abounds and has found it's time in History to be properly appreciated.  Altered Art, Steampunk, Salvage Art, Broken China Mosaic, Repurposed and Rejuvenated Jewels... the creativity of such pieces and unusual aspect of each piece appeals to me.  I love to make it and I love to buy it... just as much as I enjoy discovering Found Treasures of Vintage and Antique pieces of Bohemian Bling.  I have favorite Jewelry Artists... among them Becky Edwards, Paris Montana, Vintage Bliss, Amy Hanna, Twigs, and Dos Fannies to name just a few whose creations I LOVE!  There are many I'm discovering daily via the Land Of Blog as well... there are so many of you out there that are creative geniuses in Jewelry Design and I'm in 7th Heaven admiring and hopefully acquiring your work to add to my collection of Bohemian Divaliciousness! *LOL*

Come along my Friends as we go to one of my fav Shops to behold the new Spring Bling at COTTAGE GARDEN 2 ... Owner Carol Migray scours the Countryside and all the best Shows to bring back wonderful finds and the creations of many of my favorite Artists whose works I adore and has become my indulgent addiction... yes, I probably need Bohemian Bling Therapy at this Chapter of my Life... I'm certainly making up for lost time of all the years da Bling was not much of a temptation!!! *winks*  This visit I was also getting my latest acquisition by Artist Becky Edwards out of Layaway *quivering with excitement*... my Beautiful Becky Edwards Bluebird Bracelet was coming Home with me this day! *Very exhuberant Happy Dance!*  Dear Meilan did a happy dance with me and gave me a big hug, she knew how long I'd waited for this moment to bring a little Birdie Home with me! *Smiles*  Don't us Gals always rejoice, get excited and happy for each other when we "SCORE" some of our fav finds!!!  I know I do... I can get as excited about any of you scoring a Treasure as I do when I score some of my own because I know how great it feels... and who doesn't want their Gal Pals to also feel great and be Blessed with Beauty?!? So... what are you being drawn to in this bounty of Spring Bling at the Cottage this visit my Friends?  I've ensured some up close and personal Bling Time with each piece and I certainly have my favs... and I'm sure over time I shall have many more that call to me like a Siren's Song. *winks* But I'll be content to save up and acquire just a few ultra special pieces each Season and save the rest for all of you... so that we can waltz through each Season sporting our Beautiful Bling... because if we don't deserve it, who does??? *Winks*... Happy Spring Bling Hunting my Friends... Dawn... The Bohemian



  1. I agree with you Dawn. I love certain fine jewelry (my wedding ring and my mother's wedding ring), but mostly I LOVE the reinterpreted vintage jewelry (think Amy Hanna-yeah, you already did I know!). I hope to try my hand with it one of these days so I can justify my collection of pieces just for such an occasion.


  2. I loved all the bling you posted. If I had been a lady, I would be like Dolly Parton.And if I was a drag queen, I would wear so much of this bling,it would look like Mardi Graus. Love this post. Fondly,Richard at My Old Historic House


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