Sunday, February 13, 2011

Spring Fever

I'm afraid I'm developing a very strong case of it... Spring Fever... a highly contagious condition we all begin to contract right at the ending of Winter... when the Promise of Spring starts to appear... and then disappear... and re-appear... taunting us it seems... playing hide and seek.  It's even fooled some of my seedlings and bulbs... they can't wait to burst forth at the first signs of Winter's fade... and some jump the gun and then get hammered when Spring was not quite ready to be sprung and the icy grips of Winter take hold again. *le sigh*  Those days when you long to break out the Spring fashions, but have to step timidly outside first to check on the weather before selecting your ensemble... because one day it appears Spring is in full bloom... and the next... Winter takes hold again for a while... both Seasons grappling with which will win out... until FINALLY Spring will prevail and take hold.  But until then, Spring Fever sets in... and the only way I've found to appease it is to look for the signs of Spring everywhere... anywhere... hints of it in Nature... and the bounty of it breaking out in all the Shops as they ready us to embrace the start of a new Season... a most glorious one... when everything is fresh, renewed and alive again... just like we want to be... Dawn... The Bohemian

*All images photographed at "Cottage Garden I"  and "Cottage Garden II", Glendale, Arizona... where I had my Spring Fever lustfest! winks* 

Sure wish I lived closer to catch this Show! *le sigh*

I am SERIOUSLY lusting after this fabulous Robin's Egg Blue Enamel French Body Pitcher for sale at
MY PETITE MAISON's Etsy Shop!!! *Swooning, collecting these is addicting!*


  1. Hi, Dawn... Thanks for visiting my blog!! In reply to your question, there is a link at the end of all the pictures, it will take you to the site they came from... Take care!

  2. Howdy fellow yaya!
    First, thanks for the beautiful words of wisdom on my BD! And I see a lot of the same beautiful treasures that I have carried in the past in Yaya Chique! So loverly...thanks for sharing! xo..deb

  3. Love that french pitcher too Dawn! The robins egg blue is so spring fresh! I'm longing for flowers! Any flowers! But we've got a good long while to go yet here in the Pacific Northwest. I also LOVED that blue rug with roses in the 6th picture! My eye went right to it! Anyhoo I always enjoy going "shopping" with you. When I'm shopping by myself I'm too focused on the hunt to take good pictures. I hope you're having a calm and gentle weekend my friend. And I hope your hubby is feeling better. Vanna


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