Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magnolia Pearl Airstream Dream Machine

I know, I've posted about this before, but that was before I learned how to blow up the photos to epic proportions to fit my Page so that every amazing detail pops!  *winks* And alas, my old archived post won't allow re-sizing... and some things... well, they just bear repeating!  One day I Hope to own an Airstream Dream of my own... and I've scrutinized every detail of the amazing job Robin and John of Magnolia Pearl have done in converting a Vintage Airstream into a living Fantasy Bohemian Palace on wheels by Magnolia Pearlizing the space inside and out! The use of space is superb, you would not initially think this was a Home you could pull behind a vehicle judging by the illusion of bigger than life decorating going on in here!  Do I have delusions of grandeur... you betcha I do! *LOL*  Would I be endlessly tooling around the countryside and living out of my Dream Machine if it looked anything like this... absolutely!  Hey, I love this ole' House, but it don't travel peeps... and the wanderlust gets to me sometimes and Hotels and Motels... well, they just aren't the same... neither are modern campers or trailers... no character or Vintage Boheme' charm.  And that's how I roll my Friends... no other way... Dawn... The Bohemian

*All images cribbed from MAGNOLIA PEARL and Magazine Articles profiling Robin and John's amazing Airstream transformation!*


  1. Oh yes, I could find myself sleeping or napping on top of those beautiful linens..A sunny afternoon nap is what I love best. A place to dream to feel the sun..yup. I'm there..and to take a wondrous soaki n that is good..
    Okay, even if it is a dream it was worth it..

  2. Wow, that's amazing! I have to give it up to Magnolia Pearl for really transforming something. It's like stepping into another world.

  3. Gah! It won't let me post! Now all the pithiness has passed...*sniffle*

  4. Dawn I have every one of those same images saved to my favorites! And I too have "Delusions of grandeur" as you well know lol! Even so seeing them here (yet again) still has me salivating! It could be the new bigger and better than ever pictures!Yeppers pretty sure *winks* This is my DREAM airstream! It doesn't get better than this IMHO. Thanks for reposting this's dreamy! Vanna

  5. Ok.. ya think we could concoct something similar? Am in pure love with you!!

  6. Oh my! This is positively amazing. . .

  7. You know I think I drooled when I 1st saw Magnolia Pearls things and as you can see on my blog I have her pics.Wouldnt it be great to have this lot tho?

  8. absolutely fantastic......would I get 2 wolfhounds in though ?

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