Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Passion Overrides All Others For You?

Beautiful fabric I ALWAYS fall passionately in love with!

I don't remember ever not loving unusual Bird Houses.

Bohemian Jewelry and Bohemian Bling have been an abiding passion.

Antique Mirrors and Lace... another abiding love affair with.

Example of a lovely little vignette that I enjoyed photographing and could appreciate the pieces of, but nothing moved me and I didn't passionately fall in love with anything.

Metal Motel Chairs, loved them since childhood, every one I see I want to take Home! *wink*

Religious Art is a huge abiding passion.

Vintage Fabric and Trim has always been a particular weakness.

And my love affair with Down filled squishy pillows made of Vintage Fabrics and Needlepoint borders on obsessive! *LOL*

When it comes to Fashion, Fabric is a primary motivator in the styles I adore and gravitate to!

I'm a very visual person and so it's no surprise that a LOT of things catch my eye and interest me because of how they look, how they might be displayed, the color, the texture, the creativity that makes something interesting to me.  I have eclectic tastes and so many very different things can and do find their way into my collections, photographs, my Home or Art.  However, there is a common thread I notice in what passion overrides all others for me... and you probably notice it in what passion overrides all others for you too!?  For me it would be my passion for beauty.  I like a LOT of things... and a wide variety of things... beauty is something that I love surrounding myself with in my World... and the layering of beauty.  Naturally beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what may be beautiful to one person may not move another person in quite the same way, so it's definitely subjective.   There are some items I have a larger collection of than other items, fabric being a particular weakness... and I don't remember ever NOT loving such things as metal Motel chairs, Bohemian Jewelry, unusual Bird Houses, Religious Art, Antique Mirrors and Down filled squishy Pillows made of lush Vintage fabrics or Needlepoint... but if it isn't beautiful in my eyes, then it isn't likely to interest me enough to want to have it around and invest in.   To me ugliness is not something I'm tolerant of in things and so if something is plain or ugly I instantly want to beautify it in some kind of way.  And if it's not something I can dress up and give a makeover to then it's likely to be banished from my decor or wardrobe.   Ever have someone give you something that you thought was not your style, or was ugly or tasteless to you? *Come on... be real!!! Wink*  Do you pretend to like it or tolerate it just to appease someone or not hurt their feelings?  I always had trouble with that, because if I didn't like it I had trouble faking it, I didn't keep it, sorry... if I had to look at or wear something that I found to be repulsive or I would never like,  it would bother me to have it around and take up space, I'd have a level of discomfort.   Right, wrong or indifferent, I have to like what I wear and how I feather my Nest... and as I'm aging I'm finding that I've moved beyond having to "like" it, to having to "love" it.  If I don't love something, I'm not going to buy it, I'm not going to settle, I'm not going to have it taking up valuable space because I'm rather at saturation point so I don't have room for what I don't absolutely love.  Now, there have been times I loved something for a Season and then fell out of love with it and decided a change was necessary or I fell in love with something else more.  There are things I might photograph because I think it looks good... and yet, I'm not in love with any of it and therefore it does not call out to me and there's no temptations to want to have any of it.  Some things have abided over time and I never tire of them, others I was perhaps infatuated with, experimented with, had a brief love affair with, but it didn't last... like Southwestern decor... which when I first moved to Arizona I was intrigued by, decorated with and collected... and after a few years I was completely done with it.  I can still appreciate it, and have seen some amazing spaces done completely in that theme... but it never was my true 'style' and so after a while I wanted to surround myself with what I always liked and allow the Southwestern "thing" to belong to whoever has an overriding passion for that.  I'm sure there were Southwestern enthusiasts that were giddy with excitement at procuring my discards, incredulous that anyone could get rid of such Treasures... much like I do when my "thing" is procured after someone else discarded it! *smiles*  So, what passion overrides all others for YOU my Friends?  What phases have you gone through and moved past?  What has abided and you keep returning to over and over again because it's really who you are?  I think we begin to truly know ourselves by what we're passionate about and what moves us... and over time we become more and more comfortable with who we are and what we like... regardless of what is "in" or "out", what is hot or fashionable or trendy... and when we reach that state of being where we tune into what stirs our passion and live it daily... true contentment reigns... Dawn... The Bohemian

 Happiness is not a destination. It is a method of life.
Burton Hills

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  1. Such divine velvet and embroidered cushions.
    Such gorgeous pics to feast the eyes upon!
    Christmas Cheer Love and Peace to you.
    x Suzy


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