Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Simpler Holiday... On Purpose

I'm prone to excess... I'm not a less is more kinda Gal... and so paring down to a simpler Holiday doesn't come naturally or easy to me.  But I knew I had to try this year, I'm working too many hours for it to be reasonable to expect to go all out as I usually do when celebrating the Holidays.  I LOVE decorating, especially during any Holiday or special occassion, but it does take a lot of time... and a lot of extra work... and preparation.   I was short on all these this Season, so it would be a necessity to get back to the basics and do a simpler Holiday all around.   I had to pare down and decide what would be a priority and what could be simplified this year.   So I decided since this is not my strong point, I would get some inspiration from those who specialize in a more minimalistic, simple, pared down approach to the Holidays and decorating in particular.  This is what I do... when I know I need to get ideas in an area that isn't one of my strengths... so that I can see how it should be done successfully and beautifully.

So I did my due diligence in seeking out those displays, those vignettes, those items that speak of a simplicity that I'd be drawn to and comfortable with, even though I'm naturally prone to being a maximalist. *smiles*  A timeless and charming way of celebrating and decorating for the Holidays that would still make it feel very much like Christmas for us and yet wouldn't overload an already full schedule.  Something that would fulfill many of our cherished Traditions and rituals, not making us feel deprived or incomplete... and yet only a more basic, simple way of doing so.   It was interesting to see what I was drawn to... what I felt led to capture in photographs and be inspired and "taught" by... and then implement in my own decorating, with my own possessions, in this more minimalistic approach to the Holidays this year, instead of my usual elaborate and excessive style of decorating and celebrating.    It was definitely a challenge... and a change... but I must say, I am pleased with the results thus far.  I'm almost done in fact... in record time... with no added stress or overload... still able now to enjoy the Season and the Holidays in a more relaxed way, in spite of the long hours of work required until the end of the month.  I am completely satisfied with how its turning out and what I've been able to let go of, if only for this Season, and be content to do without.   I loosely based my "theme" this year on a Vintage and Spiritual Holiday, with priorities being the free time outside of work spent with loved ones rather than decorating or the frenzy of "preparing" for the Holidays and trying to make it a perfectly orchestrated "ideal" Christmas straight out of my imagination. Which in reality is somewhat like a scene out of "National Lampoon Christmas Vacation" because honestly, can we ever duplicate our imaginary Christmas or live up to it?  Who wants a Clark Griswold Christmas playing out... though hilarious to watch on film happening to somebody else,  it would unravel us as we experienced it for real?! *Smiles*  I'll be sharing and revealing in future Posts our 2010 Christmas... and for those that know me they will be amazed at how subdued my Holiday decor is this year!  *LOL*  Yes, I opted for simple plain Silk Pine Bough Wreaths with or without a large Red Velour Bow.  No exterior lights.  A Tree decorated with Vintage and Retro Glass Ornaments and simple Skirt made of a favorite length of Sheer and Velvet striped Fabric.  A Mantle display of just a few Antique Religious Statuaries and candles with a couple of large potted faux Poinsettias in Urns on the Hearth.  A few strategically placed Vintage Christmas Tablecloths and Jadeite Bowl of Christmas Candy.   And when my Grand-Daughter, age 5, asked her Grandpa if "Gramma was going to put ALL THOSE SHOES all over the House again?" (ie: Christmas Stocking Collection... Smiles)... he asked me... since not a one was up yet.   And I've decided just to put out one for each member of the Family that will be filled on Christmas Eve.   With scaling down on the decorating and preparations at Home I've had precious more time to do those special things with Family and Friends that mean the most to us... while still honoring all my commitments at work and getting my commissioned pieces done by their deadlines... a Simpler Holiday perhaps, but no less a celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior... Jesus Christ... which is what it's all about...  Dawn... The Bohemian

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  1. I'm just like you, more is better, but I too am trying to create not only a simplier Christmas but life too. My only problem is, how do I decide what to sell and slowly I'm selling things. Have a great Thursday, T

  2. Good morning,
    I enjoyed coming over and seeing your pretty Christmas decorations. I looove your Santos dolls.
    Beautifully written post. Thanks.


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