Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Remember A Simpler Time?

Remember when things weren't instant or disposable?  When things were built to last and folks used it up, did without or wore it out and we weren't a replacement society.  When you saved for what you wanted, perhaps even a long time, and didn't expect instant gratification or carry the heavy burden of 'plastic' debt because you lived within your means and bought only what you could afford.  Remember when Home Cooking was the norm and TV Dinners and Fast Food were a novelty and reserved for special occassions instead of vice-versa?!   Remember when people actually socialized in person... face to face... instead of relying upon the internet, texting, e-mail and voice mail?   Or they actually took the time to write real letters to each other and pick out cards with just the right verse.  Remember when most Homes had front porches so that you sat in the front of your Home and got to see, meet and greet your neighbors and the community rather than sitting in the back yard to relax, where privacy reigns and in some neighborhoods folks can live there for years and never know or perhaps even glimpse their neighbors! Remember when a car wasn't made of fiberglass or plastic... but had real chrome and leather interiors... and yet didn't need to be financed longer than it would actually last!? *wink*  Remember when appliances lasted long enough that they had repairmen for them and replacement parts?  And Craftsmanship and quality were expected in any purchase and  so you could actually find people who specialized in a particular craft and were Master Craftsmen in their field and it showed in their work and creations.

Now... I'm not saying that all advancements, enhancements and technology are bad my Friends.  I enjoy and am often in awe of the modern inventions, technology and conveniences as much as the next person, within reason that is.  Mass production and technological advancements have made many items that once were luxuries now more affordable to more people and that's a good thing.  And many things do so much more, for less, and are compact and convenient as well.  Because I also remember a time when one computer took up an entire floor of a Bank Building and phones weren't mobile or when they first were they were the size of your shoe... and all you could do was talk on them. *wink*  I remember when photos and TV were only available in Black and White and TV's were huge pieces of furniture and only got three channels.  Yes, there are downsides to each era... and so I prefer to seek a balance of both... and as time marches on I embrace many of the changes and yet also hold onto those parts of the past that speak of a simpler time and get me back to the basics and in less of a hurry.   I am thankful that I'm old enough to remember a simpler time... and yet have been afforded the luxury of living long enough to see so many remarkable changes as well... and have the best of both of these Worlds... Dawn... The Bohemian    


  1. I have that needle store display in my booth. Isn't it cool. Full of the needles still. Thanks for your cute comment about the spaceship. It must be the crazy art thing inside me that makes me do different projects. I like the different things in life, not the same old things the neighborhood has. So far no one has put up 1 light on their house.haha judy

  2. You hit every thing on the nose...I feel the same way. I must be about the same age...I remember TV dinners were a treat on Saturday night in the living room in front of the black and white TV with the 3 or 4 stations and we were perfectly happy. My dad is 97 and still in great shape and I can't imagine what he has seen in his near 100 years! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I enjoyed visiting your blog too. I love AZ and I'm enjoying the brief time here right now but I'll be back in Feb. and can't wait! I'm joining as a followere too and I'll add your blog to my blog list. Nice 'meeting' you!
    Faye (wildrosevintage)


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