Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Holiday Celebrations

I enjoy post Holiday celebrations and activities... typically every place you go is still beautifully decorated for the Holiday that has just passed... but the crowds have dispersed... things have returned to a more relaxed and normal pace.  You can almost have most places to yourselves if you dine or take a tour directly after a major Holiday.  So, the days directly after Christmas I like to plan special post Holiday celebrations and activities with Friends and Family at some of our favorite places.  My BFF and I took the tour of Historic Rosson House, we were the only two on the guided tour this day after Christmas, so it was more exclusive and intimate... like a private tour.   We had Dinner at a favorite restaurant, still beautifully decorated for the Holidays, yet without the pre-Holiday frenzy. You can linger longer directly after a Holiday, you can take unobstructed photographs of all the beautifully decorated Holiday vignettes and scenes... a calmness has returned after the hustle and bustle of pre-Holiday celebrations and activities.  Though I thoroughly enjoy every Holiday with childlike wonder and anticipation... I also revel in the post Holiday serenity... while everything still looks and feels like Christmas... and you can enjoy so much of it as if you were the only one it was decorated for... Dawn... The Bohemian


  1. Oh Dawn, that sounds like so much fun... I love going on tours like that, what a special day! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  2. Love seeing the Victorian homes. Have a great week, T

  3. What a beautiful home! Sounds like a fun way to play. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dawn!


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